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answers to some questions you may have

am i too old for kpop?

Of course not! Our name’s just a joke. You’re never too old for kpop.

who are you people?

It just so happens we have an About Us page to answer that.

how do I get in touch with you?

The best way is through any of our social media accounts (scroll down). You can also fill out the form on our contact us post.

can I use one of the graphics you posted on IG?

heck yes! Just credit our website toooldtobethisintokpop.com, please.

why didn’t you pick my ult group for your best song/MV/performance group list?

Our weekly and monthly lists are labors of love. We listen to every song that comes out each week, watch performances for all singles and b-sides that have stages and view every music video when we compile them. With each watch/listen, we pretend as if we have never heard the group/band/solo before. No one gets extra points for being more famous, etc. That means that some of our favs don’t make the list either.

The same approach is taken when we do our fav of the day lists. We compile lists of 75 to 100 rappers/vocalists/whatever category, listening or watching the mains of groups large or small. Then, we rank them being as objectively as we can. We don’t include people just because we love them or leave them off because we personally don’t super stan a group. But we also don’t put people on the list because we know they have a big fan base.

One of the best things about music is that it is subjective. What we like/value might not be the same as what you do. That doesn’t mean that what you like is bad or what we like is bad or vice versa. When you have a different opinion, we invite you to share it (respectfully) in comments or on our social media feeds.

We see this question most often from people who like very famous groups, and we understand why. Large groups tend to get the most attention from other publications. When we started our blog, we decided that we would cover the most famous groups and the most obscure groups with equal care and love. At times, that may lead to surprising choices but we stand behind them.

why/how do you do so many giveaways?

We are a blog that provides kpop news and special features, and we want as many people to see our posts as possible. This means that we want to keep growing our social media following to reach more potential readers.

When we first launched our blog, we were paying to promote every post on Instagram and Facebook. This became very expensive and wasn’t giving us great results.

We decided that giveaways would be a better way to increase our following. This way, we are growing our following, giving back to our followers and sharing some kpop love. We have a set budget every month for advertising that we invest in buying albums and other merch and in the costs for shipping them. Our hope is that people who follow us to enter the giveaway will be interested in the other content that we post.

Some funding for our giveaways does come from affiliate marketing. We are affiliates for SM Entertainment, Kawaii Nation, Red Bubble, Society6, Zazzle, Fila and Amazon. If you make a purchase using one of our links, we make a small commission.

You can help us by RTing articles that you find interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

how do your giveaways work?

At this time, we are just running giveaways on Twitter and occasionally on INSTA. Here’s how they work on Twitter:

  • We post the graphic announcing the giveaway. Most of our giveaways launch at 9:30PM US Eastern Standard Time. To enter, you must be following us and RT the tweet.
  • The giveaway ends at the time posted on the giveaway. It is usually 8PM US Eastern Standard Time.
  • We use a spreadsheet and a random selector to choose a winner or winners.
  • The winners are notified via DM. Most of the time, this is within 30 minutes of our giveaways closing but sometimes life happens and it takes us a little longer
  • Winners have 24 hours to accept their prize. If they don’t answer or decline the prize, we choose another winner and the clock resets.
  • We never announce until we have a confirmed final winner. The announcement comes in the form of a tweeted graphic. In most cases, we are able to announce the winner with 24 hours of the giveaway ending but it can take longer sometimes.

can you win a giveaway more than once?

We don’t allow people to win back-to-back giveaways, but it’s fine if someone wins more than once otherwise.

do I have to pay for shipping if I win a giveaway?

Nope! We cover all of the cost of shipping. The only time you would ever have to pay anything is if your country charges a tax or import fee. We don’t have any control over that, and we are not able to advise you as to the rules for your country.

what’s your shipping process for giveaways?

Often, the items we post for giveaways are preordered, and we may not have them on hand immediately. If that’s the case, it will say so in the giveaway tweet. With this type of giveaway, we let you know when the item is shipped to us. Then, when it arrives, we ship the next business day (you can’t mail things in the US on Sundays) and send you a tracking number.

For winners in the United States, albums usually ship Priority Mail, unless they are under 1 pound, in which case we ship First Class. Priority mail takes two to three days typically. First class mail can take up to a week.

For winners outside the United States, we ship vis U.S. First Class International Mail. The amount of time it takes to reach you will vary. Canadian and European winners seem to get their items within 2 to 4 weeks. For other international winners, the timing varies dramatically, but it seems to be an average of about 6 to 8 weeks.

For all winners, the tracking number we send may take up to 48 hours to update. In the US, you might even receive your package before the tracking changes. For international winners, the tracking usually updates only until the package leaves U.S. postal service custody overseas. In some cases, you may receive new tracking info from the new shipping carrier, but often, the package becomes untrackable at that point. Rest assured, this is normal, and has not interfered with anyone getting their prize so far.

In the event that an item we preordered takes too long to ship to us, we do the following:

  • Try to find the album elsewhere for a comparable price with quicker shipping
  • If that’s not possible, we will contact the winner and offer to purchase a different album/merchandise of comparable value

We do our best to keep tabs on all of our outstanding preorder giveaway winners, but if you don’t hear from us for more than 4 to 6 weeks, please DM us for an update.