top kpop performances of april 2021

check out our favorite performances from kpop groups and solos released this month

To create our list of the best performances of the month, we watched more than 100 videos. For songs where there were both music videos and live stages, we did not focus on one particular video but the overall series of performances. 

On another note, we decided not to include performances from Kingdom Legendary War in our countdown. One reason is that these performances have very large budgets and are more like concert performances than the other types of stages we were considering. Since we don’t watch every concert that takes place every month to include these kinds of performances, we decided it wasn’t fair to include them. We also don’t want to contribute to a lot of the ugly fan wars that we’re seeing stemming from this show by weighing in on whose performances we liked best.

Now that we explained our methods, let’s get into the countdown:

10. Ugly Dance by ONF

ONF shows off a lot of fancy footwork in the stage for the single off of their album repackage, and the choreo manages to come off as high energy and chill at the same time.

9. Mafia in the Morning by ITZY

ITZY‘s choreography catches your eye from the first few seconds of the song, and just gets sharper and sassier from there. We love how the finger guns were incorporated to match the song but the choreographer resisted the temptation to take it too far.

8. Trash by Wheein

Everyone knows that Wheein can sing, but this stage proves that she’s got moves to go with that gorgeous voice. The choreo is smooth, playful and just the right amount of sexy. Plus, her backup dancers are used perfectly to enhance the visuals and keep things interesting.

7. Rain on Me by Majors

Creative transitions, sassy hand motions and precise, clean execution make this stage from rookie girl group Majors so fun to watch.

6. Loved You by BAE173

We absolutely love the slick intro to this stage, and the dance just keeps getting better and better after that. With a big group like BAE173, stages can quickly get messy, making it hard to know where to look. This choreo shows how to prevent that–your eye knows where to look at every second. And every step perfectly fits the song.


A good stage makes a song more enjoyable, and that’s exactly what the choreography for ASAP does. It’s super cute and the girls bring so much energy to it. We especially love the moments when the girls turn toward their backs to the audience. You don’t see that too much in kpop choreography, and it really sets this dance apart.

4. Stage Break by Purple Kiss

What do you get when you combine Salem Ilese, EXO & Purple Kiss? Something unforgettable. This performance for 1theK is a true show stopper. The two group dances complement each other perfectly, and Dosie really gets a chance to shine in the middle. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again–keep your eye on these rookies. They’re gonna be BIG.

3. libidO by OnlyOneOf

OnlyOneOf‘s stage for libidO didn’t get this high on this list just because it’s sexy (but DAMN is it ever). What we love is how much it fits the song. The movements reflect the driving beat, and those moves that set the Internet on fire speak to the overall theme of the lyrics. It’s not just sexy for the sake of being provocative. If it were anything less, it wouldn’t do justice to the spirit of the track.

2. Scared by P1Harmony

Is P1Harmony going to make us start liking football? Probably not. But are we completely blown away by this super creative dance? Heck yes. This bold stage is the answer to those people who claim that the fourth generation groups aren’t bringing anything new to kpop. It’s fresh, fun and the perfect vehicle for showing off how well these boys can dance.

1. Spider by Hoshi

Speaking of creative stages…Hoshi‘s solo song Spider is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The beginning finds him defying gravity, and the entire dance masterfully incorporates spidery moves. When it’s not being used for climbing, the set helps to visually divide the stage in a way that we love. The combination of all the elements and Hoshi‘s skill as dancer make this stage an arachnid work of art.

What was your favorite kpop music dance of April 2021? Drop a comment and let us know

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