kpop fav of the day: music videos from 2010 to 2012 #27, nothing’s over by infinite

Every day in May we’re counting down our favorite kpop music videos from 2010 to 2012. Crashing through the #27 spot issss…

Nothing’s Over by Infinite!

Nothing’s Over is a song about not wanting to give up on a relationship. It’s a common theme not just in kpop but in all genres of music. You’d expect the video to be very sad, full of shots of the members struggling or trying to win back their loves.

But this video brings the message of the song to life in a really cute way. At the very beginning, we find Sungyeol spinning a set when an unseen lady leaves his ring on the record.

Who breaks up that way? You could at least send a guy a text, jeez.

Obviously, Sungyeol is depressed over the breakup, but his hyungs are absolutely not going to let him dwell on it. Through the rest of the video, they do their best to console him and cheer him up, and the lyrics of the song become their message to him.

This in and of itself would be enough to set this video apart but there’s so much more. The video uses a lot of really playful transitions throughout like this one.

And this one.

It not only makes the video interesting to watch, but it also leads to some surprising moments. For instance, towards the end, Sungyeol just wants to escape his hyungs and be by himself in his sadness. He gets into the car to drive away, and you think maybe it’s going to end there.

But wait…who’s in the back seat?

Without trying hard, this music video is a sweet depiction of friendship, of the lengths that friends who love you like family will go to in order to help you feel better during times of trouble. It’s uplifting, clever and fun to watch, and for that it’s found its way onto our list of favorite kpop MVs.

Below, you can check out the entire video released March 16, 2011. And stop back tomorrow to see #26.

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