top music videos of april 2021

check out our favorite mvs from kbands, kpop groups and solos released this month

10. Loser by CHEEZE

It’s impossible not to smile when you’re watching this MV for CHEEZE‘s latest single. It’s a colorful tale about what happens when a new pet moves into the house, and we love it children’s educational programming vibes.


The music video for DADADA is every bit as fun, feisty and colorful as the song that it’s set to, and we love the imaginative little touches like the magazine pages coming to life.

8. Like Water by Wendy

When I learned what the name of Wendy‘s single was going to be, I was expecting a video with a lot of cool blues, but the palette for Like Water is just the opposite. The warm colors complement the quality of Wendy’s voice and make this MV the visual equivalent of slipping slowly into a soothing hot bath.

7. Love Song by Yoon Jisung

Yoon Jisung‘s everyday struggles and repetitive daily grind come to colorful life in this fun music video that you simply can’t watch just once.

6. Loved You by BAE173

Loved You captures the melancholy experienced when you grow up and grow apart from friends but not in a melodramatic way. Unexpected visuals like a giant leopard kept our eyes glued to the screen and allowed this video to go well beyond the usual coming of age trope.

5. Atlantis by SHINee

SHINee‘s put out a lot of quirky playful videos since their debut, and Atlantis keeps to this tradition, finding the boys in an under-the-sea store where aquatic elements wait to be discovered around every corner.

4. Inside Out by NU’EST

The MV for Inside Out is alluring, refined and dramatic just like NU’EST‘s sound. The video masterfully intersperses scenes that represent different types of emotional turmoil with striking closeups and dance sequences with results that are unforgettable.

3. Neon by Amber Liu & Peniel

Amber Liu rounded up her friends to make this video that is hilarious from start to finish. Throughout the wild romp filled with one smile-sparking moment after another, you get the sense that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, which is very refreshing. And we love how they worked Peniel of BtoB into the video.

2. libidO by OnlyOneOf

libidO could easily be a short film set to music. Like the song itself, it is undeniably seductive. Through the vignettes, the video captures the tension that can come into the most innocent of activities when there is mutual attraction present. The video is masterfully edited and gorgeously shot besides.

1. Close by AB6IX

Close transports the viewer to a dreamworld. The video is surrealistic and super creative with a pleasing palette. We couldn’t stop watching it, and with every view, we discovered something new.

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