top 10 kpop songs of april 2021

check out our & your 10 favorite songs released by kbands, kpop groups and solos in april

our picks

#10 – Astro – One

ASTRO made us wait a while for a new album, but ONE was SO worth it with its dramatic chorus. Strong vocals from MJ, Sanha, Moonbin and Eunwoo are perfectly complimented from Rocky‘s so-sexy fast whispered rap and Jinjin‘s powerful section of the verse.

#9 – DAY6 – You Make Me

We liked You Make Me when it came out, but as we’ve continued to listen, we’ve fallen in love. It’s been a rough more-than-a-year for the world, and this song reminds us to cling tight to the people that matter most in these hard times. As long as you have them, there’s always still hope. In releasing it, DAY6 has given us all something to hold onto.

#8 – Wheein – Watercolor

Let me start off by saying, Watercolor is a bop. It shows Wheein‘s power and cements her status as one kpop’s foremost lady vocalists. Those are reasons enough to love it, BUT there’s much more to consider. Wheein is a painter, not just a singer, and this song features art metaphors throughout. It makes the song personal and meaningful.

#7 – ITZY – Tennis (0:0)

Like our #8 song, this B-side from ITZY album is fantastic on its surface. It shows that the girls can do soft as well as big and bold, and it’s super catchy. But what we love most about is how smart is. The lyrics use a no-score tennis game as a metaphor for the back and forth that happens when you’re interested in someone but can’t seem to make any progress toward winning their love. And what’s a no-score tennis game called? Love to Love! See how perfect?

#6 – ENHYPEN – Drunk-Dazed

From its first few seconds, Drunk-Dazed captures the listener. It quickly begins to spiral, giving you that out of control feeling that happens when you move from that initial first buzz into drunk territory. It has a hypnotic quality that leaves you a long for the audio ride. Of course, it’s all a metaphor for the group’s vampire concept, making it so clever.

#5 – Kang Daniel – Digital

Digital comes on with distortion and a haunting echoed laugh and the masterful production just continues from there. Like many of our other favorite Kang Daniel songs, it toes the line between contemporary and retro 80s new wave, and we’re struck by how deeply personal the lyrics are. Lines like “Like a shadow filled with lies, the moment I felt anxious I disappeared and went far away” describe Daniel’s struggles with anxiety and depression, continuing his brave mission to promote mental health care in a time when so many are suffering in silence afraid to admit to their struggles.

#4 – NU’EST – Inside Out

We love when groups experiment with new sounds, but there’s something to be said for keeping true to your musical DNA, too. Inside Out sounds like NU’EST from start to finish, showcasing what every member brings to the group. Nine years after their debut, NU’EST is still attracting new LOVEs, and this song about being completely turned around by someone you’re into shows why. There’s no one other boy group out there like NU’EST, and we doubt there ever will be.

Spider wraps you right up in its sensual web from the jump. It’s a tune woven with tinkly xylophone and Hoshi’s delicate falsetto contrasting against his deeper natural voice, all set atop a simple melody and a steady drum beat. The back and forth between the two vocal styles atop the funky bass line feel like the lift and lower of a spider building its web indeed, and you feel the power of attraction through every sticky second of the song.

Late Night Movie is a lovesick retro daydream enjoyed from the floor of a bedroom with the record player by one’s head. Lingering synth keyboard notes pair with that popular drum kit sound of the 1980s to lay down the foundation, bringing us back to that familiar retro pop sound that influences so much of modern day music. Coupled with the distant vocals floating over the guitar and Ha Hyunsang‘s crystal clear voice and ethereal melodies, Late Night Movie feels as nostalgic as it does sentimental, which excellently captures the lyrical mood of the song.

#1 – OnlyOneOf – libido

What does desire sound like? OnlyOneOf has captured it. The beat of this song doesn’t quit. It drives on and on the way that want does once it gets into your bones. Love‘s airy refrain “I want you to sing in my body” echoes again and again like intrusive thoughts about the subject of your fantasies does at times you don’t expect. At times, this song is delicate and sensual. At other times its forceful and bold, reflecting all the forms that passion can take. Every element from the production to the vocals to the rap come together to drop you into a state of mind. It’s a tour-de-force single, and for that, it landed in the top spot on our list.

your picks

10. Bibi – BAD SAD AND MAD

9. NU’EST – Inside Out

8. D-CRUNCH – My Name

7. SHINee – Atlantis

6. Chanyeol – Tomorrow

5. Kim Jaehwan – I Wouldn’t Look for You

4. ONF – Ugly Dance

3. BAE173 – Loved You

2. Kang Daniel – Antidote

1. Wheein – Watercolor

There you have it, our top 10 songs of the week. You can check them all out on our Spotify playlist. Give it a listen and then drop a comment, telling us what your favorite song of the week was.

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