top 10 kpop songs of the week: 4.25.21 to 5.1.21

check out our 10 favorite songs released by kbands, kpop groups and solos this week

#10 – amber liu – blue feat masiwei

In this preview track from her soon-to-be-released album, Amber Liu‘s husky voice blends with a classic R&B beat and Masiwei’s rap stylings to create a chill masterpiece that describes the way thoughts of a person can echo in your mind.

#9 – eaeon – null feat. jclef

While the single from eAeon‘s new album featuring RM from BTS is the one getting all the attention, we were pulled toward this B-side for its eerie quality and expert production.

Hot Issue‘s debut single hit us with a bang, standing out for its playful rap and pitch-perfect harmonizations. And as a bonus–it’s tons of fun.

#7 – ph-1 – 365&7 feat. jamie

pH-1 and Jamie complement one another perfectly in this playful love song that is just right for playing for that special someone when you want to express how you feel in the sweetest of ways.

#6 – ONF – Ugly Dance

The repetitive counting creatively gives this bop from ONF the feeling of a dance lesson, and the line distribution gives every member the chance to do what they do best.

#5 – AB6IX – Close

Close Your Eyes is the song I would send to someone who wanted to check out AB6IX. Not only does it reflect their classic sound, but every member manages to stand out while still coming together to create an oh-so dance-able track.

#4 – Bibi – Bad Sad and Mad

BIBI’s song about willingly being battered by love left us shook. The contrast between her sweet voice and the dark lyrics is so jarring, and that scream at the end sent chills down my spine. It’s a track that’s completely one of a kind.

#3 – (g)i-dle – last dance

A lot of Netizens are saying that Last Dance just doesn’t sound like (G)I-DLE, but to us that just shows their versatility because this song works even though it’s outside their normal style. The girls’ voices soar against the techno-skewing music with a melody that has been hopelessly stuck in our heads.

#2 – ITZY – Tennis (0:0)

We loved every single song on ITZY‘s new album Guess Who but this track won the match in the end. It allows the girls to explore the softer side and really shows off their voices. Plus, the metaphor of having a crush on a person being like a tennis match is very clever. If you’re not familiar with tennis terminology, a 0:0 score like the one in the title is said “Love to Love.” The fact that there’s no score on the board represents the fact that this relationship hasn’t gone anywhere yet. It makes the song smart and not just a fun listen.

#1 – ENHYPEN – Drunk-Dazed

I’m going to be honest with you guys–I couldn’t get into the song Given-Taken. All of those high notes in the chorus turned me off, and I went into my first listen of Drunk-Dazed thinking I wasn’t going to be impressed. But DAMN. I was hooked within the first few seconds of Jungwon‘s dreamy voice ringing out against the driving beat. And then that spiraling bold chorus kicked in and I felt as dazed as the song describes. It’s expertly produced on top of it with just enough effects to add texture without making the song become noisy.

Going on to listen to the rest of the album, I absolutely loved every song, and Lucy felt the same. So I don’t know…maybe we’ll end up ENGENES yet. But for now, Drunk-Dazed has found its way to the top of our list and into our regular rotation of played-on-repeat kpop songs.

There you have it, our top 10 songs of the week. You can check them all out on our Spotify playlist. Give it a listen and then drop a comment, telling us what your favorite song of the week was.

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