kpop fav of the day: music videos from 2010 to 2012: #30, beautiful by beast

Every day until the end of May, we’ll count down the best kpop videos from the 2010 to 2012 era.

Coming in at #30, we have…

Beautiful by Beast.

Back before the days of shows like Kingdom, there were, apparently, grungy dance battles in weird alleys somewhere in Korea, I guess, with rival friend groups duking it out before an overly enthusiastic DJ and all of the Hippest Fellas and Ladies in the neighborhood for title of the best of the night.

Our beloved boys of Beast have decided that that’s the kinda shindig they wanna get in on, too.

Bets were taken by a really shady lookin’ fella…

Risks were taken and shown to us through, like, the price of exhaustion in school…? I don’t know

Preparation montages were had…

Wrists were dramatically sprained?

But never fear. Beast is’t gonna stop, even at the expense of skipping out on the girl who has just sorta looked disappointed to know him for the whole video so I don’t really know what her damage is.

She rolls up and he’s all exhausted there from his latest boogie and she looks at him with such disappointment like she’d just caught him on drugs or smth.

He goes after her, but she just won’t have it.

The girl is gone and the competition is too good and not even a lil pep talk from the homies makes our hero wanna continue.

I’m not really sure what the message is here. I thought they were gonna stick it out and win but it just kind of abruptly ended.

But, like, at least it had a story, which is more than we can say for most MVs of its time. And whatever it was about, we had fun trying to figure out. See what you make of Beautiful by Beast by streaming the video below, and come back tomorrow to meet #29.

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