vote for the best kpop song of april 2021: round 2

weigh in for your fav by casting your vote today

It’s that time again! We’re getting ready to put together our list of the best kpop songs of April 2021, and we need your help. Vote now to help determine our reader picks for the best song of the month.

You can vote an unlimited number of times; however, votes may not register if you vote hundreds of times quickly. If you’d like to vote more than once, please limit it to a few votes and then come back later to vote again to make sure your vote counts.

This is the second round and includes the 10 songs that got the most votes during the previous round of voting. Votes in this round will determine the order that the songs rank in our best song of the month feature.

The voting for round one will end at 11:59PM US EST on May 2, 2021.

3 thoughts on “vote for the best kpop song of april 2021: round 2

  1. Why the results are not moving? Even tho I voted for 5 times, it’s not moving. Fix your system. Or re-survey this.

    1. the system isn’t broken. I have been watching votes come in in real time all day long. Percentages may not move very much if there is a big difference between the vote count. We added the number of votes so you can see on the screen. please bear in mind what we said in the intro–if you vote too many times in a row, the system may flag the votes as spam. that’s beyond our control.

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