kpop fav of the day: girl group vocalist #4, mamamoo’s solar

Every day until the end of April, we’ll highlight one of our favorite girl group vocalists.

Sitting at #4 on our list is…

Mamamoo’s Solar.

To me, Solar has the most mature voice in all of Mamamoo, which is saying something, given that all of them are well-developed, excellent singers with clear talent and a gift for truly emotional singing.

Solar stands out because while she possesses plenty of technical skill, she also puts a lot of personality into her song without straying too far from that soulful sound that makes Mamamoo, Mamamoo. There’s something sultry in her voice that gives tracks like Piano Man something truly special and makes Wind Flower feel as emotional as it is.

She captures the hella feminine, god-is-a-woman energy that Mamamoo exudes in every note she sings, even in cutesy tunes like Waggy.

And god is, indeed, a woman…

For her sensual purr and unique color, Solar is #4 on our list.

I’ve put together a quick playlist of some of my fav Solar vocals.

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