top 10 kpop songs of the week: 4.18.21 to 4.24.21

check out our 10 favorite songs released by kbands, kpop groups and solos this week

#10 – Monsta X – Flavor of love

If that precious moment when a crush buds into love had a sound as well a flavor, this Japanese track from Monsta X would capture it with its carefree beat, sweet vocals and playful rap verses.

#9 – ORβIT – Dionea

Japanese-Korean boy group ORβIT traps you in its haunting melody as easily as the Venus fly trap plant for which this single from their new album is named.

#8 – Thank You – Apink

This new digital single from Apink is the perfect celebration for their 10th anniversary, showing off the gorgeous vocals and sweet melodies that made them a girl group legend.

#7 – P1Harmony – Reset

4th-gen boy group P1Harmony show off their power in this B-side defined by skilled rap and a bold chorus, and we love its message about continuing to try even when you fail.

#6 – Ha Hyunsang – Heal You

Ha Hyusang‘s deeply expressive vocals make this soft OST song as soothing as its lyrics that describe the transformative power of love.

#5 – Peakboy – Anywhere

This song from Peakboy is a pitch-perfect R&B offering that serves an invitation to escape the grind of daily life.

#4 – NU’EST – Black

This B-side from Romanticize is everything we love about NU’EST-JR‘s scratchy rap verses, Baekho‘s bold belting, Minhyun‘s sweet highs, Ren‘s sultry tone and the one-of-a-kind resonance of Aron‘s voice.

#3 – Penomeco – Better ft. Kid Milli

It would be hard for PENOMECO to deliver a better pop track than this guitar-driven offering that shows off his unique voice and is perfectly enhanced by the presence of Kid Milli‘s rap track.

#2 – Day6 – You Make Me

Negentropy brought out Day6‘s softer side, and while we love every song on the album, we kept coming back to You Make Me for its moving chorus and its lyrics that remind us even in the darkest of times, there’s hope to be found in the people who love us.

#1 – NU’EST – Inside Out

Of all the songs that were released this week, Inside Out proved to be the one that we want ay-ay-ay, the one that we need ay-ay-ay. It’s a total ear worm and true to that sound that sets NU’EST apart from every other boy group out there.

There you have it, our top 10 songs of the week. You can check them all out on our Spotify playlist. Give it a listen and then drop a comment, telling us what your favorite song of the week was.

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