kpop fav of the day: girl group vocalist roundup

meet numbers 14 through 6 on our list of favs

If you’re a regular reader, you know we usually count down our favorites every night but recently we had to take some time off to handle an emergency out of town. We decided the best way to pick back up is to do a roundup of the ladies that we missed during our time away and our ramp back up period. Join us as we count down from number 14 through number 6.

14. Seulgi of Red Velvet

With a uniquely colored, slightly nasally voice that never gets annoying but instead makes her stand out, Seulgi adds something unique to the otherwise traditionally clear voices of the other members of Red Velvet and help make the group what it is.

13. Naeyeon of Twice

Naeyeon has the perfect voice for pop. It’s bright and clear, especially when she soars into high notes. She has an impressive range, and she can mix various singing styles into her performance, moving from a powerful belt to floatier head voice in a snap. Her voice is gorgeous and one that you remember when you listen to a Twice song for the first time.

12. Monday of WEEEKLY

At just 18 years old, Monday has an incredibly mature voice. At times, she has the smoky warmth that you’d expect to hear drifting from the stage at a jazz bar. Other times, she shows off powerful belting that rivals the biggest R&B divas. We expect her to become one of the fourth generation’s biggest female stars.

11. Swan of Purple Kiss

If you don’t know Swan yet, believe us, you will. Want proof? Click on the video below and listen to her singing Windflower like a pro. Now process this–she was only 15 when that video was made. Swan was clearly born to sing. Her voice has a unique texture. Her range is startlingly large, and she has exceptional technique. Like Monday, she’s one to watch in the fourth generation.

10. Yuqi of (G)I-DLE

Yuqi’s voice is part of what defines (G)I-DLE. The one-of-a-kind quality of her vocals makes every song more dramatic. Her voice is lower than most female idols, which really makes her stand out. Even before we ever dug deeper to find her solo work, we were already in love with her sound. And then we heard cover of Shallow. We’ll let you listen and discover its emotional power for yourself.

9. Ryu Sujeong of Lovelyz

Sujeong’s voice is the sugar you stir into your tea. The whipped cream on the top of your sundae. It’s a jelly bean in your favorite flavor. It’s a scoop of ice cream that either is or isn’t mint chocolate chip depending on what side of that controversy you come down on. In other words, it’s super sweet. She’s also very versatile, able to pull off everything from a bop like Tiger Eyes to a soaring ballad.

8. Wheein of MAMAMOO

When it comes to Mamamoo, all of the ladies have voices that are mature and powerful, distinct and unique. What is special about Wheein is that she keeps the vocals of the group grounded with her classic, soulful pop voice that cuts a clear path through the melodies of the other members.

7. Sorn of CLC

We are big fans of unique voices, and Sorn has one of our favorites. But she didn’t get where she got on this list just because she stands out to us. Her vowel choices make her performances interesting, and she can move through her entire range with ease and stability. There’s also something to be said for her ability to pull off a perfect performance in any language. We found videos of her singing in English, Korean, Mandarin and Thai, and she was able to pack the same amount of emotional expressiveness into every song. That takes real skill.

6. Siyeon of DreamCatcher

Confession time: when you get down to the top 10 it gets very, very hard to rank. We agonized for a long time about where to place Siyeon on this list because she is SO. GOOD. Her voice is pure power, which is absolutely essential in a group like DreamCatcher where so many songs are set against a more metal sound. When we get to hear her sing on her own, what comes out most for us is how emotional her performance is. No matter what she’s singing, Siyeon means every single word right down to her soul, and she makes you feel it. Watch her cover of Speechless from Aladdin to see what we mean.

Come back tomorrow to meet number 5!

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