kpop, a playlist: 30 beautiful songs by female kpop vocalists to soothe your soul

discover these gorgeous tracks by solo artists, girl group idols & indie vocalists

You can listen to the songs one by one on the list by clicking the videos or scroll all the way down and stream the entire playlist on Spotify

1. Like Water by Wendy of Red Velvet

Released April 2020

2. My Satellite by Jane Jang

Released June 2015

3. Evening Sky by Ailee

Released October 2012

4. Bon Voyage by YooA of Oh My Girl

Released September 2020

5. You’re My Garden by APink

6. Stand by by BoA

Released in 2015

7. Super Secret by Stella Jang of CSVC

Released June 2020

8. Love Poem by IU

Released November 2019

9. Stars by Rothy

Released November 2017

10. Our Souls at Night by Sondia

Released February 2020

11. Gravity by Taeyeon of SNSD

Released October 2019

12. Make Me Better by Kitti B

Released July 2020

13. What the Flower by Sunmi of Wonder Girls

Released February 2021

14. My Light by Baek Jiyoung

Released January 2021

15. Run to You by Heize

Released February 2019

16. The Flower by Tiffany Young of SNSD

Released February 2019

17. Mistiness of You by saevom

Released February 2018

18. Don’t Forget by Seulgi of Redezvous

Released July 2020

19. Square by Yerin Baek

Released December 2019

20. Restless by Bibi

Released February 2020

21. I’ll Comfort You by Song Heeran

Released July 2020

22. Edelweiss by Jisook of Rainbow

Released May 2018

23. Whale by Sejeong of IOI & gugudan

Released August 2020

24. Reflection by Suhyun of AKMU

Released August 2020

25. Week by Chung Ha of IOI

Released April 2017

26. Eyes Like Snow by DalSooobin of Dal Shabet

Released January 2021

27. Gone by Rosé of BLACKPINK

Released March 2021

28. Run by Sorn of CLC

Released March 2021

29. Adrenaline by Solar of MAMAMOO

Released March 2021

30. OHOO by Wheein of MAMAMOO

Released April 2021

You can stream the entire playlist on Spotify. Which song is your favorite? Drop a comment and let us know

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