kpop fav of the day: girl group vocalist #23, ella of pixy

Every day until the end of April, we’ll highlight some of our favorite kpop girl group vocalists on the way to #1.

Dancing her way to the #23 spot is…


If you’re not a big fan of girl groups, you might not get what I’m about to say but stick with me and I’ll try to explain. The statement is this: a lot of female kpop vocalists have two voices: their real ones and their aegyo ones.

An aegyo voice has a sweet, cute quality. It often makes a singer sound much younger than she is. It’s most common in bubble gum kpop songs, but you’ll sometimes hear it in upbeat ballads, too. For vocalists from some kpop groups, the aegyo one is the only one you’ll ever get to hear. And that might be because of the style of the group. It could also be because that is the way they were trained to sing, making that cutesy voice the only one that they have.

I had thought that was the case with ELLA of PIXY back when she was with Cherry Bullet. When I could pick her out, I thought she had a pretty voice but I didn’t find it exceptional. When she did a duet with Park Jungmin, I got to hear a lot more of her by herself. I thought her performance was very pretty, and her voice blended well with his. I liked the song well enough but it didn’t blow me away.

So imagine my surprise when she debuted with PIXY! In their debut song, Ella is responsible for singing the bridge and parts of the chorus. Her voice still has that floaty quality that it always did but now it’s bolder, bigger. She belts out the notes and then pulls back, providing just the right amount of drama for this dark, haunting song.


A couple of weeks after her debut, PIXY released a special clip of Ella covering Ariana Grande’s God Is Woman, where she beautifully displays her “real” voice. It has an alluring quality with a unique texture that I can’t get enough.

Now, that I’ve really heard what Ella can do, I appreciate her aegyo voice in a new way. It’s clear that she’s an incredibly versatile singer, able to change up her style to suit the song. I can’t wait to see what she and PIXY do next, and because of that, she’s found her way onto our list of favorite vocalists.

Check out the brief playlist I put together to hear Ella for yourself and then stop back tomorrow to meet #22.

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