kpop, a playlist: every exo mv, ranked

There’s a lot to love about EXO videos both ironically and unironically, and so in honor of EXO’s anniversary, we’ve decided to rank all of their MVs, including all the sub-units, (just not solos!) If there’s more than one version of the MV, we just went with one.

The only criteria here with our decision is just literally how much we enjoyed watching the video while sipping wine, so the only thing we’re taking into account is the enjoyability of BG and myself. Nothing from an objective standpoint, and y’all will probably wanna put these in a different order. We invite you to do so in the comments.

What I mean is–I’m talking shit in this, but it’s all in jest so don’t come for me. They’re my ult group and I’d die for literally every member.

Alright, onward!

Click the names of each video in the title to revisit them yourself as you go.

35. Miracles in December

Not to start off all boring but tbh, this is at the very bottom because it just kinda felt like literally any other kpop video.

Like, every group from that era has a video that looks almost identical to this, so.

34. 일렉트릭이 함께한 아름다운 강산 프로젝트

This is literally just… them in a car… please. There’s nothing else to say. They look cute?

33. Crush U

Look I promise this entire list isn’t just me being underwhelmed but these first few videos totally are.

For such a weird ass subunit, this CBX video was pretty whatever. They all looked good though I guess? If you’re into pretty pirates?

32. Coming Over

I really hope when they were first learning the choreo every single member asked, “you want us to what? Are we a hype squad from the late 90s? More specifically, are we the really awkward DJ on stage at a rave in ’98 trying to get the crowd to feel him?”

“You want us to what? Are we sign-spinners? Are we aggressively washing large tour buses? Are we really bad goalkeepers wearing leather pants?”

31. For Life

This one kinda killed the wine-buzz mood of the night tbh. Just a bummer.

30. Electric Kiss

Hey, look! Yet another MV that takes place at that abandoned Olympic apartment building place!

I stg if you hung around there long enough you’d catch a glimpse at literally every group you’ve ever stanned.

29. Lotto

This is one of those EXO songs that I hate that I love…

…and this is one of those EXO videos that I just love to hate. Cock fights! Really?

But I mean if he wanted to hit me over the head with that I wouldn’t get mad….

28. Growl

I love Growl SO MUCH! Somehow I don’t know what to say about the video tho! The choreography is kinda cool and I like the way they use all the space butttt… for such a dynamic and weird song it’s missing smth.

27. Wolf

The best part about this video is the way that DO is having his deeply emotional moment wearing…. what he’s wearing.

Chanyeol helped too because he clearly sees absolutely nothing wrong with his attire and is actually really feeling himself in it even though he looks like he’s a character in The L Word.

Oh! And it also has whatever Lu Han is doing here so there’s that.

As a friend of mine says, 100 pounds of whoopass in a 50 pound bag.

26. Ka-Ching!

This! This is what I want from my weird EXO-CBX! Not the driving thing!

What the hell is this?!

What are those terrifying lion-clown-things dancing with them?

Why is this song in existence at all?

I don’t know and I love it!

25. Sing for You


Oh and also there is a space whale I guess.

24. Overdose

I love Overdose.

I love the chaos in this video.

I love how Baekhyun looks.

Minseok looks FIERCE.

It’s all over the place. It’s a godddamn mess and I love every blessed second of it.

23. Telephone

Telephone’s colorful.

It’s fun.

it’s kinda clever.

It’s a good time.

Oh and then suddenly they just look like this.


22. Lightsaber

For all of the Star Wars nerds who have ever insisted to their loved ones that liking Star Wars is actually really cool thank you, this one’s for you.

Enter a world where you’ve gotta check your sabers at the door.

Always be ready to menacingly grab it, though… because that’s totally threatening…

Somehow that’s actually kinda badass.

21. Horololo

So, the problem with being Minseok biased is:

1) they don’t show him enough;
2) when they do show him, the styling is always questionable;
3) if I want to see Minseok frequently and see him looking good, I have to get that from a goofy CBX song.

Horololo might be goofy but it is an earworm and Minseok looks SO GOOD in it. I unironically love this song which politely reminds me the days of the week and tells me it’s not over yet when it, in fact, is over.

But this list ain’t over yet.

20. 1 Billion Views

I love this weird ass video.

When people theorize that our life could be a simulation I just want to make them watch this because if anyone was simulating anything, we’d all live in the 1 Billion Views video.

But we don’t. I don’t… think.

19. What is Love

So, I could take or leave this video. BUT! They, all of them, have emo hair.

Like REALLY BAD emo hair. Like they look like every boy I crushed on in middle school in 2005 and I both mean that as a compliment and don’t. Omg.

Like what is that!

And what is this!

It’s 2005 Kris Wu, that’s what!

18. Monster

Rage tentatively against the machine for some vague, undisclosed reason! General anarchy with no real explanation as to why!

Weakly kick riot shields! Wait for Baekhyun to save you!

19. Mama

What. Is. This. Video. I don’t follow kpop lore, I’ll admit, so I’m assuming it has something to do with that. But for someone who doesn’t know?

They’re in creepy robes?

Were the glitter pants under there the whole time?!

This entire video was incredible. All I did was laugh. Lovingly. Kind of.

16. Closer to You

You know why this video is this high up, don’t you?

Sure you do.

Exactly. No one else could make me want to watch a video of someone literally drinking a whiskey glass full of potpurri and then just driving in a circle other than these two.

15. Love Me Right

Kai in this video is literally what I wanted to look like in middle school.

Take that how you will.

I don’t really understand what this video’s trying to get at or why Minseok is apparently the science teacher there to poison the football players and the Resident Hoodlum Jongin but I never get sick of watching it either way.

That doesn’t look like he is practicing proper lab safety to me…

14. Tempo

Crop top Kai!

Ever since I watched this for the first time I IMMEDIATELY began loudly demanding more boys in crop tops and finally a few years later I am getting my wish.

I also love/hate the random flashes of Lay that were like, hey guys, he’s still here, kind of…

And I love it even at the expense of Minseok’s hair being like this. Because of course it is.

13. Call Me Baby

EXO might hate this choreo but we love it, sorry.

12. Blooming Day

If you’re gonna get away with lyrics like “can I be your boyfriend?” then you’ve gotta have a pretty distracting and aesthetically pleasing video to go it with.

They did.

Like I said… pleasing to the eye…

11. History

TBH the sheer enjoyability of this video came from the Looks.

And also them doing whatever… that questionable thing is…

It’s is the absolute quintessential kpop music video–that One Shot they always do all close up–

the way they are styled, the barren, dystopian set, the edgy expressions, the choreo, even the song is of it’s time. It’s just true and true kpop via EXO and it’s a delight.

10. Hey Mama!

Look, neither one of us understand all the way what we’re looking at here when we watch Hey Mama!

Old military buddies?

Baekhyun once again being the vague rescuer of hyungs from various situations (in this case boring office jobs)?

Weird fifties aesthetic?

Plotting demise of a poor unsuspecting newscaster?

Government takeover? People drinking the Kool-Aid?

I literally don’t know. I don’t know but I love it.

9. What a Life

Look, this one was going to end up at the bottom of the pile but then Sehun licked his lips halfway through and just that split-section action literally bumped it up to the top ten. Not ashamed.

8. The One

Without the video, this song is pretty much unlistenable.


With the video…

…this song is one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my entire life.

I love seeing them have such a good time being total losers and not taking themselves too seriously.

This is, like, trademark CBX.

7. Power

I don’t even have to explain this one.


It’s a delight.

6. Ko Ko Bop

So this is what I imagine it looks like to take a bunch of hallucinogens and hang out somewhere in Korea.

Or what it would look like if you asked a five year old to imagine if the world was made of donuts. Or… burgers.

Or if you stepped into a factory where they made clothes you’d literally only ever wear cruising the strip in Miami in the late 1980s.

5. Lucky One

Otherwise known as the testing facility where the following things happen:

Sehun kills someone just by looking at her? I mean, same, but, like…

Kai dances? someone to death? And it works?

Lay… aroma-as-a-verb’s… someone to death with… his charm and a flower?

Chanyeol… raps at them…?

to death…?

I don’t know. It’s excellent.

4. We Young

So… just gonna be honest. 100% of the enjoyability in this video comes from Sehun.

Like… yeah…

Only Oh Sehun could dress like that and still be the sole reason this video is so high on our list.

3. Love Shot

Super sexy?

Amazing choreo?

Everyone looks outstanding??? It’s just iconic.

3. Universe

Nothing funny here… This is enjoyable in a way the others aren’t.

I always kinda have to stop myself from crying when I watch it, it’s so beautiful.

Everything from the color palette to the symbolism to the actings gets me in the gut every time and it never loses its emotional impact to me.

1. Obsession

Excellent song? Check.
Excellent styling? Check.
Excellent story? Check.
Excellent choreo? Check.

Don’t come for me–they’re my ult group and I mean this with love–it isn’t often that all of these things wind up together in the same video.

Best ever.

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