kpop fav of the day: girl group vocalist #24, jihyo of twice

Every day until the end of April, we’ll highlight one of our favorite girl group vocalists.

Beaming her way to the #24 spot issss…


Jihyo of Twice.

Every time someone does one of those anonymous unpopular opinions on Twitter, a rando netizen inevitably says that TWICE does not have impressive vocals. To me, all that proves is that a lot of people in the world need to have some wax removed from their ears or something because the girls can absolutely sing.

Jihyo stands out to me because her voice is unique in the world of kpop. You can really get a feel for it with the song she did for the MELODY PROJECT, A Late Night of 1994. Within the first few seconds, you can hear just how beautiful her lower range is. To me, settling into that song feels like getting into a bathtub that’s just right the temperature. It’s so warm and soothing, and it just invites you to submerge yourself inch by inch by inch.

In more dramatic songs, Jihyo puts tremendous power into her belting, showing off what a fierce vocalist she can be. Unlike some other vocalists, she never teeters on that edge where she’s screaming out the notes. She has incredible support for every note in a way that reminds me of some of the great jazz legends of days gone-by who could make your chest quiver with their vocals. A great example comes from her performance on King of Masked Singer, where she had the judges on their feet grooving along with her.

With a group as big as TWICE, you don’t often get to hear Jihyo do her thing, which is an absolute shame because she is truly one of a kind. And because of that, she’s found her way onto our list of kpop girl group vocalists.

Check out this YouTube playlist I’ve made of some of her solo work and stop back tomorrow to meet #23.

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