top 10 kpop performances of march 2021

count down the best stages and dance covers of the month with us

To create our list of the best performances of the month, we watched more than 100 videos. For songs where there were both music videos and live stages, we did not focus on one particular video but the overall series of performances. Now that we explained our methods, let’s get into the countdown:

10. Why Why Why by iKON

Creative, perfectly synchronized arm movements define the choreography, and the members of iKON bring such presence to every performance. It all adds up to a beautiful, haunting stage.

9. IYAH by Kang Seungyoon

I wasn’t sure how anyone could dance to this song when I first heard it, but Yoon and his dancers prove its more than possible. This stage is dramatic, engaging and incredibly creative.

8. INTRO & EXIT by T1419

It’s unbelievable that after promoting their debut so heavily, T1419 is already back for their first comeback to begin with. When you consider how high-energy their new stage is, it seems completely impossible. Keep your eye on these rookies–they’re on pace to become one of the best performance groups of the new generation.

7. Gotta Go by ONEUS

Speaking of top performance groups–ONEUS blew us away with their dance cover of Chung Ha‘s Gotta Go performed on Countdown. These boys are not afraid of the sexy feminine choreography one bit. They approach it with the same intensity they do their own stages, and they add a fun Cinderella twist at the end.

6. Action Figure by WayV

Kick Back is a fun song, but it’s Action Figure that really shows off how well WayV can execute sharp choreography. We’re especially fond of the seamless transitions (and all. those. body rolls.)

5. Ponzona by Purple Kiss

Another rookie group to watch, Purple Kiss is mesmerizing in their debut stage. Every member clearly has skill, and the choreography perfectly matches the mood of the song.

4. Get Away by VERIVERY

Shifting from bouncy to aggressive and back again, the choreography really gives VERIVERY‘s talent space to shine. And the stage perfectly employs backup dancers to create engaging visual effects.

3. Billie Eilish Medley by P1Harmony

This nightmare of a performance has us jaw-dropped every time we watch it, and the expressiveness of every member of P1Harmony makes for visuals that stick with you long after the clip ends.

2. On the Ground by ROSE´

There are so many unexpected moments in this performance. The first time we watched it, we both kept shouting out “oh my god!” What we love most is how dance is used to reflect the words of the song.

1. All In by DKB

Holy shit–that’s the biggest takeaway from this stage. DKB can DANCE. This stage is so imaginative, and there are moments where I literally can’t figure out how they’re pulling off what I’m seeing.

You can check out all 10 performances on our playlist. Drop a comment and let us know what performance was your favorite for the month.

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