kpop fav of the day: girl group vocalist #27, yoohyeon of dreamcatcher

Every day until the end of April, we’ll highlight some of our favorite kpop girl group vocalists on the way to #1.

Noshing her way to the #27 spot is…

Yoohyeon of DreamCatcher.

I’m just going to come out and say it–I would listen to Yoohyeon sing the dictionary or listings in a phone book and be completely content.

As she sang to me about definitions of words from abacus to zygote, I would get to hear that tremendous vibrato of hers that I swear literally makes my heart buzz. While she belted out the names and numbers for residents with names from Adams to Zim, I’d get to experience her range with low notes that sound so velvety and highs that make my eyes widen.

And I’m 100% confident that no matter what was coming out of her mouth, she’d find a way to put emotion to the words. Because that’s really where Yoohyeon shines the brightest for me–her ability to convey so much feeling into whatever she’s singing. It’s why all of her cover videos leave my mood changed.

Yoohyeon isn’t just stellar on her own; she’s also a big part of why DreamCatcher’s songs are so successful. Listen to Odd Eye, for example. It’s her voice that kicks off the song, and she perfectly sets the mood, and when it’s her turn in the chorus, the power of her vocals brings so much drama to the song. On Memory off the same album, her expressiveness helps to capture the bittersweet nostalgic message of the lyrics. She seems to have an innate sense of what to bring to every track.

Whether she’s on her own or singing alongside the rest of DreamCatcher, Yoohyeon always wows us, and for that, she’s found her way onto her list of favorite kpop vocalists. Check out my YouTube playlist to hear her in action and come back tomorrow to meet #26.

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