kpop fav of the day: co-ed/girl group vocalist #28, jiwoo of kard

Every day until the end of April, we’ll highlight one of our favorite girl group vocalists.

Stealing the #28 spot is…

Jeon Jiwoo of Kard.

For several months, every time KARD got suggested to me on YouTube, I would eye them with equal amounts hesitation and interest because, 1) hell yeah co-ed group, but, 2), it was either going to be really, really great or really, really terrible. I wanted it to be good so badly that I didn’t want to risk the disappointment of terribleness.

Finally I caved in and I watched RED MOON while peeking behind my fingers, but there was nothing to fear after all. I was instantly impressed. As soon as I heard the beat, sold. When Matt came in, double sold. And then I saw Jiwoo and fell in love and immediately had to learn their names.

Jiwoo has remained my bias since the day I found them, and so much of it has to do with her individuality. Her looks, her attitude, her voice–all of it. She stands out from other female idols in those ways but especially with the feel of her voice that’s a little scratchy and very low.

In the kpop-sphere where only sopranos seem to be valued and wanted, she stands out as a confident DGAF alto and it works so splendidly with KARD’s sound and vibe.

There’s also just something super satisfying about her voice in the way that it is pretty without being pretty. What I mean is that in her voice is something almost… aggressive and in your face but it is not unpleasant or offputting. In fact it’s very nice to listen to and it adds to the character of KARD.

It makes her fit in as well with the guys as she does with the more delicate voice of Somin. She’s just a badass and you can feel it in every word she sings.

Like if I could loop her saying 느끼고 싶지 않아 in the first verse of Don’t Recall for the rest of my life I absolutely would.

10/10, I will forever stan.

Below I’ll leave some fav tracks featuring her gorgeous, one of a kind voice for you to enjoy.

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