kpop fav of the day: girl group vocalist #30, yuju of gfriend

Every day until the end of April, we’ll highlight some of our favorite kpop girl group vocalists on the way to #1.

Kicking us off at the number 30 spot isss…

@dang gyfcat

Yuju of GFRIEND!

A lot of times when people talk about what makes for a good female vocalist, there’s a lot of attention focused upon how big their range is and how boldly they can belt. And yeah, those things can make for a good singer, but that’s not always what makes someone stand out to me.

What I love about Yuju is the quality of her voice when she’s singing in her low to mid range. She brings so much resonance to her notes that they feel full and luscious, and the tone of her voice allows her to inject so much passion and emotion.

For instance, when she sings her cover of BTSDynamite–which let’s face it does not have incredibly deep words–she makes the lyrics incredibly fun and playful. Even if you close your eyes, you can hear her smile. She gives the song a sweetness that elevates it for me. And she does that each and every time she sings.

That’s not to say that Yuju doesn’t have a big range; she does. And she’s very skilled at flipping over to her voice and back again to put extra height on her notes when needed. That doesn’t mean that Yuju can’t belt out dramatic climaxes either. She can do so effortlessly, thanks to her solid breath support, another hallmark of being an excellent vocalist.

But what I love about Yuju is that she doesn’t have to get fancy to impress me. Her voice is beautiful and interesting even when she’s singing something simple. Any song becomes one that will grab my attention and touch my heart if she’s the one performing it.

And for that, she’s found her way onto our list of favorite girl group vocalists. Check out this YouTube playlist I put together of her covers, solos and OSTs and then come back tomorrow to meet #29.

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  1. I really love Yuju’s vocal🥺❤ she’s amazing, she can hit high notes with ease, i love her voice in all Gfriend’s discography and his OSTs, she’s the best ❤🥺

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