get to know: seventeen’s hoshi

Our lovely Kwon Soonyoung, better known by his stage name, Hoshi, is coming out with a fresh mixtape tomorrow and as a Hoshi bias can I just say that I am so fucking thrilled.

I’m sitting here absolutely praying that his old solo, Touch, makes it onto the tape because if it doesn’t I am literally filing a lawsuit against the label for emotional (and physical…) damage.

Because right now we only have this shitty fancam and this one too and I’ve been THIRSTING for a studio version for several years now and–

Sorry. Anyway.

Until I determine the fate of Pledis and HYBE’s wallets tomorrow, if you aren’t familiar with Hoshi, now would be a good time to get there, and I’ll help you do it.

Hoshi is the leader of the performance team in Seventeen, meaning he is in charge of the unit of main dancers of Seventeen.

Not only is this true, but he also choreographs most of Seventeen’s fancy footwork! Yeah, those one of a kind, exceptional stages that Seventeen is famous for can mostly be attributed to him.

Yes, that fella.

His creativeness can be seen with each brilliant dance step (such as the streetlamp posts in Don’t Wanna Cry which seems so simple but is so inspired and so sweet that it’s my favorite thing in the world. If I recall correctly, he said he saw Coupsie walking under streetlights and it was so pretty it inspired him).

Look how cute. Soft hours open.

Not only can he dance and choreograph as well as he does, but he’s got a super unique singing voice that makes him stand out as much as his beautiful yet unconventional features.

Here’s some quick facts about the man to get you acquainted with him, as well as some of my favorite videos. Peep the choreography. Seriously.

  • Full Name: Kwon Soonyoung (권순영)
  • Group: SEVENTEEN
  • Position: Performance team leader; choreographer
  • Birthday: June 15 1996
  • Nationality: Korean
  • From: Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Label: PLEDIS Entertainment under HYBE Labels

So how ’bout those videos then.

We’ll start with those Touch fancams again… just in case you didn’t watch them above. I literally require you to witness them with your face eyes.

Lilili Yabbay
Hands down one of the coolest, most involved choreographies I’ve ever witnessed.

One of the most high-octane and satisfying dances you’ll ever see.

Getting Closer
Powerful as hell.

Don’t Wanna Cry
The one with the creative streetlight move!

Just some adorable leader stuff including Hoshi <3

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