kpop fav of the day: boy group vocalist #3, pentagon’s hui

Every day until the end of March, we’ll highlight one of our favorite kband or boy group vocalists.

Sitting (very) pretty at #3 is…

Pentagon’s Hui.

When settling on a bias, usually what happens for me is the following:

1) Get distracted by whichever one has the least conventional features
2) Pay attention to only them for the free trial first month of stanning the group
3) Notice someone else with equally as unconventional features who also has an unconventional voice
5) Sign over my organs to them and pledge my life

You know. As one does.

That’s exactly what happened with Hui. My original Pentagon bias for that first month or so was E’Dawn, because weird face, weird voice, but something else happened that normally doesn’t. I kept going back to Hui from the day I started stanning Pentagon even calling myself E’Dawn biased.

He had a voice that stuck out as more than just a novelty like the artist formerly known as E’Dawn did. It was truly special and remarkable, and it was shortly after starting to stan Seventeen that I noticed him so he was one of those voices we affectionately called “DK-Lite.”

Because holy shit, what a powerhouse he is. He opens his mouth and that voice of his just comes billowing out and it adds so much unique color to Pentagon’s sound. Somehow, you look at Hui and you just think that the face matches the voice perfectly, or at least I do.

It feels like it is built right into his personality, his looks, his character. He doesn’t just sing… it’s a part of him.

He is one of those members of a group that help make it what it is. There is a soulfulness in an unconventional sense, one that makes him truly one of a kind and one that enriches Pentagon’s overall sound. For that reason and more that are next to impossible to describe, Hui comes in at #3 on our list.

Below I’ve put together a quick list of some fav Hui vocals!

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