kpop fav of the day: boy group vocalist #5, seventeen’s dk

Every day until the end of March, we’ll highlight some of our favorite kpop boygroup vocalists on the way to #1.

Hanging out in the #5 spot is…

DK of Seventeen.

As I’m sure we all can relate, when you first begin to stan a group–especially one as large as Seventeen–it takes a lot of watching to learn all of the names and faces of a group.

While Seventeen is my ult group, it naturally took me a while to get everyone down. My first exposure was Getting Closer and the only face I could reliably and consistently pick out was Woozi and Hoshi (who I affectionately called ‘Berlin’ because it was on the top he was wearing in the MV). The rest were mysteries for some time.

But for all of that learning, I kept hearing this voice.

In Getting Closer, in Thanks, in Pinwheel, in all of the other videos I sussed out afterwards. It stuck out in the way it sailed high above the others with crystal clarity. It had a timbre unique to the soft, similarly textured voices of the other members and a strength matched only by one other voice in the group.

Eventually, I learned that he went by the name DK.

I had this… problem… after that where I started referring to other singers in relation to DK, like calling them DK-Lite, because for a while, nothing else seemed to compare after I was exposed to him.

He talks a lot about trying to do better and better with each comeback, and he seems so hard on himself and I just want to take him (sweetly) by the (broad) shoulders and (lovingly) shake him and tell him he’s literally got one of the best, strongest voices in the industry (outside of kpop, too, I’d argue).

and look at that smile on top of it <3

Seventeen absolutely would not be Seventeen without his voice. Even though my bias is Berlin–I mean Hoshi–I really think much of the warmth and comfort and happiness I feel when I listen to Seventeen would not be there were it not for DK.

For the magic he brings every time he opens his mouth, DK takes the #5 spot on our list this month. I’ll drop a sample of some of my fave DK vocals below!

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