kpop, a playlist: 17 repeat-worthy japanese songs from kpop legends

check out these 17 songs that you really should be streaming

This week DreamCatcher and ATEEZ both released new Japanese albums that we love, and it got us thinking about all of the other tracks that are regulars on our rotation. Here’s our list of top picks in no particular order:

1. Wanted by Monsta X

In our opinion, the boys of Monsta X are multilingual masters. We think it so much that we wrote a whole article about it. Of all their Japanese releases, this one is our favorite.

2. Crystal Snow by BTS

This BTS B-side doesn’t get enough love. It’s an absolutely beautiful, moving track.

3. Under My Skin by Taemin

Speaking of beautiful songs–this gorgeous track by Taemin gives me the chills, especially when I watch him performance it live.

4. Access by NU’EST

If you’re a LOVE and you don’t know this song, don’t worry. For a long time, it wasn’t available on Spotify, making it a little elusive. I couldn’t resist including this video of the boys performing it live, even though the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired.

5. Signal by Taeyeon

This song from Taeyeon‘s album VOICE really shows off her voice, and I adore the low-fi echo in the chorus SO much.

6. Revival by CIX

Accompanied by imaginative almost balletic choreography, Revival is a feast for the eyes and the ears. It was among my top 10 favorite songs of last year.

7. Fallin Flower – SEVENTEEN

Last year when the pandemic was changing life as we knew it, this song premiered. Its beauty gave me hope during that dark time, and I’m incredibly grateful for its well timed arrival.

8. Bird – EXO

With its soaring melody, this 2019 song from EXO lets my heart spread its wings every time I listen.

9. Everlasting Shine by TxT

Every time this song from TxT comes on my shuffle, its dramatic intro captures my attention and has me stopping to listen to matter what I’m in the middle of.

10. Stop the Rain by Day6

We had a really, really hard time trying to decide which of Day6′s exceptional Japanese songs to put on this list. In the end, Stop the Rain made the cut because of the powerful emotions that the lyrics convey.

11. Brand New Days by BtoB

First off–international kpop fans–stop sleeping on BtoB. If this uplifting song with an amazing verse from Peniel doesn’t make you want to listen more, hopefully the adorable MV will.

12. Eclipse by DreamCatcher

This newly released song shows what DreamCatcher does best–highly melodic vocals that work so perfectly with electric guitar-driven rock. I especially love how dreamy it gets in the second verse.

13. Eien by BoA

BoA was the first kpop idol that I ever stanned, and my love for this 2009 Japanese song has never said bye, bye, bye.

14. Breakthrough by TWICE

It wouldn’t be a list without TWICE. These ladies set the gold standard for girl group Japanese track. To us, BREAKTHROUGH is the best of the best for its sassy, jazzy chorus.

15. Limitless by NCT127

I don’t know how Taeyong makes that noise with his throat, but, God, I am glad he figured it out. It’s just one of the many, many things I love about this 2017 single from NCT127.

16. Happiness by PENTAGON

Living up its name, HAPPINESS brings the joy, especially when you watch the video where PENTAGON has fun in the sun and in the office.

17. Still Here by ATEEZ

Last but definitely not least is ATEEZ new Japanese single, which has been stuck in my head since I first listened (and I don’t mind at all).

You can stream our entire playlist of Japanese kpop songs on Spotify. Give it a listen and then drop a comment, letting us know what YOUR favorite Japanese language song from a kpop group, band or solo is.

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