kpop fav of the day: boy group vocalist #6, kyuhyun

Every day until the end of March, we’ll highlight one of our favorite boy group singers.

Grooving his way to the #6 spot issss…

Kyuhyun of Super Junior.

I’ve been sitting here staring at that cute gif for about 10 minutes now because it’s very hard to figure out just what to say about why I love Kyuhyun. And that’s because I love him so, so, so much. But I’m going to try to condense all of my affection and appreciation for him into some words.

Let me start by saying I don’t really consider myself an ELF. I like a lot of Super Junior’s music, and many of their songs are in my regular rotation but my feelings about Kyuhyun don’t come from a nostalgic connection to the group or them being my ults.

He’s found his way into my heart so deeply all on his own, one note at a time.

I think it starts with the texture of his voice. It’s rich and full of dimension. Even the sleepiest of ballads becomes something bold and beautiful when he’s the one bringing it to life. He adds just the right amount of vibrato to his notes so that his sustained sound is interesting without sounding choppy or forced. Effortlessly, he travels up to those high notes without growing shrill.

Kyuhyun has incredible technique to go with what seems to be natural talent. He knows when to bring a bit more breath to soften a passage that might be too harsh otherwise. When he’s performing live, he does this trick that I have only ever noticed one other idol do on a consistent basis (and she happens to be in the top 10 of our girl group list coming in April).

What he does is slowly draw the microphone downwards during a long-held note. It results in a live fade out effect that is so cool. Every time, he does it, the song goes to a new level for me.

And to think we almost lost that voice forever. If you’re not a Super Junior fan or are new to kpop, you might not know but in 2007, Kyuhyun and some of his Suju hyungs were involved in a very serious car accident. Kyuhyun sustained severe damage to his ribs, causing them to threaten his lungs. Doctors needed to perform surgery but the route they wished to take would have damaged his vocal cords and left him unable to sing ever again.

Kyuhyun’s father decided to forego the surgery on Kyuhyun’s behalf, saying that he could not take his son’s dream of becoming a famous singer away. An older doctor stepped in and found another way to perform the procedure, saving Kyuhyun’s life and leaving his precious voice for us to enjoy.

Knowing that makes every note that Kyuhyun sings so much sweeter to me. I’m so very grateful to have his music that always manages to reach in and touch the sorest, rawest parts of my heart.


For his angelic voice and so much more, Kyuhyun has found his way onto our favorites list. Hear him for yourself (and look for his trick) with my mini playlist and stop by tomorrow as we make our way into the top 5! In the meantime, drop a comment and tell us who you think is left.

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