kpop fav of the day: boy group vocalist #7, seungkwan of seventeen

Every day until the end of March, we’ll highlight one of our favorite boy group singers.

Cruising his way to the #7 spot issss…

...Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN!

Lucy and I talk about Seungkwan a lot when we watch SEVENTEEN music videos and performances, but we rarely say his name. Instead, we refer to him as BOO.

We can’t help it. A cute name just suits him.

Just look at his sweet smile.

His personality is super sweet, too.

The name suits his voice perfectly, too. Seungkwan’s voice is as bright as afternoon sunshine and as refreshing as a summer rain. Even when he’s singing a sad song, I find the corners of my mouth inching upward into a grin when I hear him, especially when he’s performing a solo cover.

And man, can Boo Seungkwan go after those notes. He sails through the big climaxes and lofty high notes with incredible ease. When he has the freedom to improv, he has incredible instincts, always adding just the right flourish to the performance. You can see and hear what I mean around the 2:54 mark of the video for SEVENTEEN’s Cool FM rendition of Adore U. His voice is HUGE and that little growl he adds gives the song a touch of added style. Plus, that nose wrinkle is BOO-tiful.

Another thing I love about Seungkwan’s voice is it doesn’t always have to be center stage. You can get a feel for what I mean with the vocal team’s performance of Make It Shine. When all five of them are singing, Boo adds depth without distracting from the main vocals. If you’ve ever been part of a chorus, choir or small ensemble singing group, you know how tricky it can be to find that balance and Boo just has it.

For all that he is and all that he gives to Carats and to Seventeen, our Boo has found his way onto our favorites list. Check out my playlist featuring some of my favorite Seungkwan performances and come back tomorrow to meet #6.

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