kpop fav of the day: boy group vocalist #10, exo’s baekhyun

Every day until the end of March, we’ll highlight one of our favorite boy group singers.

Today, topping off the top ten is none other than…

EXO’s Byun Baekhyun.

So, my very first post that I made on this blog was originally intended to be a review of Baekhyun’s new (at the time) single, Get You Alone. What I ended up doing was actually gushing for 500 words about what exactly makes him so special. Oops. Noticing a pattern with me yet?

Because I’ve practically wrung out every ounce of my love for him in that post, I’ll touch on a few of the highlights so you don’t have to read it all again.

Baekhyun is remarkably versatile when it comes to his styles. To quote myself from my review (which makes me feel like a douche, but, hey): Baekhyun easily jumps from vibe to vibe with each release. From the groovy flow of UN Village to the alluring temptation of Stay Up; from his R&B-heavy Bungee to his moody collaboration with Loco for Young; to his sweet and sticky Candy to City Lights’ foreboding bonus track, Psycho, Byun Baekhyun has shown that there’s no mood he cannot achieve.

That was true then, it is true now. What I didn’t mention were his towering high notes, such as the ones you’ll hear in nearly every SuperM song, but especially on I Can’t Stand the Rain, With You and Jopping.

And he just makes it look so easy.

He’s got a soulful voice that imparts plenty of emotion onto any song that he sings, no matter what point he’s trying to get across.

In EXO, it’s one of the ones that stands out the most to me: while DO and Chen are certainly the powerhouses of the group, there’s something about the way Baekhyun gets up to those same high places but with a one of a kind texture that the traditional pop voices of Kyungsoo and Jongdae just don’t have.

For these reasons and more, Baekhyun is #10 on our list.

I’ll drop a few fav Baekhyun vocals in the list below.

4 thoughts on “kpop fav of the day: boy group vocalist #10, exo’s baekhyun

  1. I enjoy watching Baekhyun perform on stage. You can tell he loves being on stage singing and dancing. His personality is hilarious >.< His voice is so unique to me and I really love how he is able to sing different styles and still sound amazing.

  2. I love exo. Although im a suho bias i love all the other members the same.
    I also love baekhyun. I love how professional he is when performing and how bubbly he is when not. And plus, i can easily distinguish his voice.

  3. His voice is amazing. Especially in Bambi album i can’t even explain im in love with his voice

  4. Baekhyun hands down one of my favoriteee vocalists! He just has such a unique, honey like voice thats very easy to distinguish. Exo are very well skilled vocalists, I wasn’t surprised to see Baekhyun in this list! Not only is Baekhyun a very talented singer, he has a strong stage presence and a fun personality 😀

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