kpop, a playlist: 15 underrated songs you need to stop sleeping on

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1. Casette – Demian

Casette was my co-writer, Lucy’s, favorite kpop song of 2020, but because Demian doesn’t make the music show rounds far too many people have failed to hear this ethereal masterpiece.


Co-ed group DRUM debuted with this bop last year. I kept anxiously waiting for it to blow up, but it has yet to.

3. Flamingo – BOTOPASS

Spanish guitar and a Latin rhythm give BOTOPASS‘ tons of spice. Then the distortion kicks in on the chorus, bringing a spooky quality to this oh-so dance-able track.


In addition to being one of the most original stages of 2020, LUPIN, with its funky electric guitar and impressive vocals, was one of my most played kpop tunes of last year.

5. Burning – ROTHY

Although Rothy‘s collab with EXO‘s Chanyeol helped her gain more popularity last summer, most people are missing out on this sweet song from 2018.

6. dot – D1CE

You pronounce their name “D-ONCE”, and their song dot is a true D-LIGHT.

7. VILLAIN – AleXa

Korean-American AleXa stands out for her fresh, exciting video concepts and her incredible dance skills but her songs don’t need the visuals. VILLAIN is the perfect song to put on when you need to get psyched with a big bold confidence boost.

8. I Don’t Want U Back – I’ll

Before the formation Hoppipolla on Superband, leader I’ll released this gorgeous kpop-rock solo song about letting go of someone you love to avoid dragging them down.

9. Call Me – We in the Zone

With its earworm of a chorus, Call Me is one of those kpop songs that would be raking in the trophies on the music shows if it was released by a group that is more well known than We in the Zone.


Precocious and feisty, ARIA is tons of fun and proves that girl group CRAXY gets far less attention than they deserve.

11. First Spring – NewKidd

If you love kpop songs with a chill acoustic bend, First Spring by NewKidd

12. Uneasy – 2PM

Most of the other songs on this list are here because their groups or singers just aren’t well known. 2PM‘s Uneasy found its spot here for another reason–people tend to overlook the 2nd gen boys as a thing of the past. If that describes you, let Uneasy show you that’s simply not true. Lucy and I both put it on our list of top 50 kpop songs of all time.

13. Girls – Nature

Nature‘s known by some but not by nearly enough kpop fans when you consider how flawless their 2020 song Girls is.

14. Better – HotShot

Full disclosure–I’m a HOTPLE, a stand of the group of HotShot. I could make an argument that people should listen to every song in their discography, but if I have to choose one track to gently nudge you to it would be Better. It’s got a great beat, interesting production and really shows off the sound of each member’s voice.

15. Retro Love – Boyhood

As a singer, songwriter, composer, producer and musician, Boyhood does it all. Luxury Big House got well known over the last few months because of his music show performances, but in my humble opinion, Retro Love with its throwback 80s sound is his best work so far.

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