kpop, a playlist: international day of forests

celebrate the occasion with our playlist

I’ll be your forest…

Han Seungwoo, Forest

There’s no other way I’ll even walk in to the forest of thorns.

PIXY, Wings

I want to know you more. An explorer, venturing through your deep forest of mystery

BTS, Just One Day

Countless days and nights

inside the thick forest

CIX, Jungle

Every moment, hold them more strongly, whenever I’m wandering lost in the lightless forest

TWICE, Depend On You

Rising up inside this mysterious forest of emotions

WEi, Fuze

Far beyond the world the forest awaits

YooA, Bon Voyage

The path I’ve been on looking on…fades away in the dense forest silence

Stray Kids, TMT

In a forest covered by a thick fog, a scary tree might fall on me (be careful).

Dreamcatcher, Which a Star

The forest I face after through, a maze that is only dark tangled bushes

TxT, Can’t We Just Leave the Monster Alive?

If you listen closely somewhere in a forest, there is a small voice that only I can hear

BoA, Atlantis Princess

We match the forest more, I can only see where to escape

NCT Dream, Stronger

Strange sounds and a green forest, what is this place?

Red Velvet, ZOO

In the endless forest, I’m stopped and the sun is setting above my head

ONEUS, Twilight

Past the deep forest, I discovered a sweet ocean

DIA, Mr. Potter

When I lean on the corner of a worn out sofa, a forest where warmth still remains.

NU’EST, Segno

I’m following the path in the shining forest


You’re a tree in a deep forest


A piercing stare lights up the night and flies from the cage, ambushing my prey in the sleepless forest

EXO-CBX, Watch Out

Even if you’re facing a thorny forest and getting so hurt


Hey girl, I see you, I see you, between the forest of buildings


There’s always rain in the breakup scenes.

Am I living in some tropical forest?

VIXX, Love Equation

In the heart of the forest, like a child, you had lost your way

SHINEE, I’m With You

Unknown laughter comes from the dark forest

BtoB, Thriler

Which song is your favorite? Stream the whole playlist and then drop us a comment, letting us know.

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