kpop fav of the day: boy group vocalist #12, hweseung of n.flying

Every day until the end of March, we’ll highlight one of our favorite kband or boy group vocalists on a countdown to #1.

Pricking his ears and heading to the number 12 spot isssss…

Hweseung of N.Flying.

I can’t sing very well at all but I know some people who can, and they tell me that there’s certain performers that you only cover if you’re very brave because their styles are distinct and they’re just so damn good. Beyonce’s one. Celine Dion’s another. And the third is Freddie Mercury.

Hweseung either never heard that advice or he has guts galore because back in 2019, he took on not just any Queen song but arguably one of the most famous and beloved–We Are the Champions.

And how did it turn out? You be the judge:

That was a lot to take on, so meditate on this gif for a moment:

Okay. Now. Let’s talk about what just happened.

Hweseung stepped onto the Immortal Songs stage and pulled off that gigantic rock ballad as if it were nothing. He captured the spirit of the lyrics. He sailed through those high notes. He even got the audience involved. Quite simply, he rocked. I have watched that video at least 100 times, and it still leaves me shook.

If you’re not familiar with the human treasure that is Yoo Hoeseung, you might be thinking, “Okay but what can he do with a ballad?”

And in response to that, I present the following:

The fact that this video has not managed to break a million views is an absolute crime. Hweseung pours his heart and soul into this performance. He shows how his huge rock-ready voice can translate to more classic offerings. That audience adoring every note is me.

You can find many more amazing Hweseung solo performances online, and I included another of my favorites on the playlist at the bottom. Without exception, each one is a tour de force. No matter what the song, Hweseung sounds amazing, and his performance is always memorable.

But he’s not just a standalone guy. Hweseung helps to give N.FLYING their distinct sound. I especially love to watch live performance of the kband to check him out live when he really shines. One stage I particularly love took place on Countdown back in January 2019. The song is Winter Winter, and at the end, Hweseung lets loose, adding depth to the song without taking away from Seunghyub. I also included a live performance of Flowerwork where he absolutely kills it.

For having one of the biggest, boldest voices in the world of kpop boy groups (and maybe in the world period), Hweseung has earned his place on our list. Come back tomorrow when we move on to number 11. (That sentence was also a hint about who it is–can you guess?)

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