kpop fav of the day: favorite boy group vocalist #14, seungsik of victon

Every day until the end of March, we’ll highlight one of our favorite kband or boy group vocalists on a countdown to #1.

Grinning his way to the #14 spot issss…

Seungsik of Victon.

Do you guys know what frisson is?

Here’s a definition:

Frison. /frēˈsôn/, noun

  1. the feeling of skin coming alive with pleasurable chills in response to a pleasing audio or visual stimulus

2. also called aesthetic chills, or colloquially, skin orgasms

3. a sensation caused by the sound of Seungsik of Victon’s voice

That’s for real. It’s really in the dictionary that I have inside of my head.

And if you want proof of it, stop reading, close your eyes and listen to Seungsik’s cover of Universe by EXO.

Now, you either see what I mean or you disobeyed me and missed out on Seungsik’s powerful, masterful performance.

There’s a lot more to being a good singer than just being able to hit the notes. Where the magic happens is in the delivery, and Seungsik’s is flawless.


Just listen to how much emotion he puts into the first 30 seconds of his cover of Nathan SykesOver and Over Again or the chorus of his cover of 아무도 모른다 by Seo Eunkwang. In any language, he conveys a depth of feeling that sweeps you up and carries you away.

From a technical standpoint, Seungsik is highly skilled. Both his head and chest voices are strong, and his falsetto is bright and pitch-perfect. A great example of how well he can support his entire range comes in the live band version of Carry On.

With VICTON, I’m always wowed with how he modifies his performance to suit both the song and the unique voices of the other members. This becomes evident when you listen to What I Said, where he puts a breathy spin on his vocals, and then follow it up with Howling where he belts out the chorus more forcefully.

Dictionary-definition-of-frisson Seungsik never fails to impress and for that, he’s found his way onto our list of favorite kpop boy group vocalists. Check out the complete playlist of songs I mentioned and stop back tomorrow to meet #13.

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One thought on “kpop fav of the day: favorite boy group vocalist #14, seungsik of victon

  1. I love Seungsik for so many reasons! To list only a few for time reasons: 1. as a leader he is so amazing and kind, but he can also get angry when he needs to 2. he’s literally so gorgeous, which is evident by any picture of him ever 3. this man puts up with a lot being the leader of Victon becauase they are crazy 4. he always puts a smile on my face :))

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