kpop fav of the day: favorite kband/boy group vocalist #16, hoppipolla’s ha hyunsang

Every day until the end of March, we’ll highlight one of our favorite kband or boy group vocalists on a countdown to #1.

Settling into the #16 spot on our list is…

Ha Hyunsang of Hoppipolla.

Maybe I want to say sorry in advance, I’m not sure yet. Historically, I’m not very good at writing about Hoppipolla and keeping it short but we’re gonna give it a shot.

But before I do anything at all, if you’re reading this and not at all familiar with vocalist Hyunsang, I invite you to watch this short clip of part of his performance during Creep on JTBC’s Superband because in less than a minute it hints at everything I love so much about him.

Copyright JTBC, I don’t own this, please let me keep it lmao

The way he squeezes that too-big note out of his too-small frame; the audible little shiver he gives at the end of the first one as he hold backs tears; the way he belts like that; his crystal clear quality.

As I’ve mentioned, the original Creep is usually a super boring song to me. Maybe when I was a 12 year old edgy preteen saving up Hot Cash for my new Tripps at Hot Topic I thought it was deep and moving but let’s be honest here.

When Hyunsang brings the song to that climax? I get chills and I tear up almost every. single. time. Dude helped make Creep actually sting the soul. How?

Ha Hyunsang is a performer, but he’s not performative. He is an emotional singer, if not one of the most emotional singers I’ve ver encountered. One could argue that all music and all performance is emotional to some degree, but I kinda disagree. Some music exists just for the sake of existing, and that’s okay.

Actually, I think that a lot of the time, artists who don’t have their whole heart and soul in the music or just don’t resonate with it will try and feign that emotion… but it doesn’t come through, because it’s not sincere.

You can tell it is for Hyunsang. He’s brimming with it. He’s small in stature but he strains against that restriction to belt out notes that are the size of skyscrapers and tower over the rest of the song.

He’s clearly quite shy, but he feels so many things and has an actual need to express them on stage to the point where any potential shyness does not and cannot stand in his way.

His skill is unbelievable, able not only to belt those notes but possessing a gorgeous falsetto that is near angelic as well. Hyunsang has a one of a kind texture that I find particularly beautiful held up against the cello.

And listen–I’ve been in my healthiest, happiest relationship of my life for over five years now, and when, for instance, I listen to Hyunsang cover Harry Styles’ Falling, that stops being true.

Suddenly I’m like damn, dude, I just broke up with the love of my life. I’m sitting there wondering where I went wrong with my partner, feeling full of regret and wanting to cry for something I didn’t even do. I like Harry Styles’ original, and he’s got plenty of emotion in it, but I didn’t feeeeeel that shit until Hyunsang sang it to us.

That’s art, my dudes. He’s art. And he’s #16 on our list for that reason and more.

I’m surprised at how short I managed to keep this. I’ll is higher up on our list so I’m sure I will be making up the difference there….

Before that, though, you can check out a quick list of some fav Hyunsang vocals below and check back tomorrow for #15 on our list!

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