kpop fav of the day: kband/kpop group vocalist #19, wonpil of day6

Every day until the end of March, we’ll highlight a favorite male vocalist from a kband or kpop group.

Securing his spot at number 19 on our list is…

Wonpil of Day6.

There are some things in life that you encounter that are just so sweet they make your teeth hurt: sugar cookies, candy, milkshakes… Wonpil’s voice….

One of these things is not like the other, and he’s the topic of this post tonight.

As I mentioned when explaining how I got into Hoppipolla, I am a massive Radiohead fan, and just like with Hoppipolla, the first Day6-anything I ever remember listening to was a Radiohead cover. They threw me for a loop performing High and Dry instead of Creep like everyone else loves to, and I liked it from the jump.

What made me really like it and do a big cheese was when Wonpil came in in the second verse, his sweet little voice adding something innocent to a song that is so abysmally lonely and alienated that it sort of changed the track for me in the best possible way.

BG was a massive My Day well before I started listening to them regularly; it was pretty hard to escape ever hearing them in the house. Whenever I would, it was always Wonpil’s unique texture that would pull my attention to the fact that she was (once again) listening to Day6 because it’s so distinct that it’s impossible to miss.

To me, it sounds like how the crystally dusting of sugar on a sugar cookie feels on your fingers. It sounds like cotton candy feels on your tongue right before it melts. What it’s like to lick rock candy. Idk, it’s just sweet and charming and pure and backed by lots of talent on top of it.

And so, even though Youngk is my bias with Wonpil as a wrecker, Wonpil makes it onto our list of favorite kband/kpop boy group vocalists this month.

I’ll put a playlist down below of songs he not only sounds spectacular on but wrote as well. (If you haven’t heard Day6 cover of High and Dry, please check it out below, too.) And as always, come back tomorrow to see who number 18 on our list will be. 

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