round up: mar. 11, 2021

in which cravity makes a bold return, ghost9 sings about seoul, hyojung & hyojin think spring & more

read on, stans, read on

ABOUT U made their first Countdown performance of Time to Shine.

aespa took us behind the scenes of their DAZED photo shoot.

Hyejeong of AOA and Seungwoo of VICTON were announced as the stars of the upcoming web drama When Your Hashtag Calls Me.

ASTRO announced that their comeback date is April 5, 2021. That’s one day after my birthday, and a very thoughtful gift that Starship has decided to give me.

ATEEZ came boldly back to Countdown with Fireworks.

Azer recently debuted with the song Elegante.

CNU of B1A4 was cast as the lead in the musical Gwangju.

BDC gave the first Moon Rider Countdown performance of their comeback.

Rosé of BLACKPINK posed for a new teaser poster.

Brave Girls performed Rollin, which has made a return to the charts in recent weeks. They also performed a relay dance of the song.

Younghoon of The Boyz released a cover of Say Something by A Great Big World.

BTS topped IFPI’s Global Artist, Global Album All Format and Global Album sales chart.

Sorn of CLC shared that she will soon be releasing a solo song.

Cookie, a new girl group from HR Entertainment, will debut on March 15. The average age of the members is 13, likely making them one of the youngest groups.

CRAVITY released a charismatic new MV for Bad Habits.

Demian performed a live version of LOVE%.

DKB announced their comeback plans in bold black and white.

Junho of DRIPPIN took his turn as the subject of a teaser film.

Ghost9 returned with their new MV for Seoul. They also kicked off their comeback on Countdown.

YoonA of Girls’ Generation summoned thoughts of spring in a Miu Miu photoshot.

G-REYISH wore black for a Countdown stage of Breath.

iKON performed Flower for KBS Cool Live. The boys also returned to Countdown with Why, Why, Why.

IU shared a teaser video for her upcoming MV Flu.

Jessi smoldered in new teaser images.

K. Will released a new song entitled Come to Me.

Sojung of Ladies Code released 괜찮아 (It’s alright) (마우스 OST) Mouse OST Part 1.

Lucy faced off against a shark for ARIRANG.

MCND was back on Countdown with Not Over. They also did a dance cover of SHINee’s Sherlock.

Lien of MIRAE showed off his visuals in a new debut teaser.

Doyoung of NCT and Baekhyun of EXO took us behind the scenes of their new duet Rewind: Blossom, due out Friday.

Minhyun of NU’EST starred in a spoiler video for their 9th anniversary celebration. Baekho was the subject of one released yesterday.

Hyojung of Oh My Girl and Hyojin of ONF teamed up for a Countdown performance of Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossom

ONF continued their comeback with a Countdown performance of Beautiful Beautiful.

PENTAGON teased their new MV.

PIXY brought their bold stage of Wings back to Countdown.

Purple Kiss showed off their dance cover skills for 1theK.

Wendy of Red Velvet discussed her favorite hobby with Marie Claire.

SHINee got their sixth win for Don’t Call Me with the song scoring 7,505 points on Countdown.

Soyou of SISTAR released Good Night, My Love.

TRI.BE returned to Countdown with DOOM DOOM TA.

Lee Jinhyuk of UP10TION announced an upcoming solo comeback scheduled for April. In other news, Kim Wooseok shared the date for his fan meeting: March 28, 2021.

VERIVERY looked dapper for their Countdown stage of Get Away.

WayV performed Kick Back on Countdown for the first time.

WEEEKLY gave us a taste of their new album with a highlight medley.

WEi hit the Countdown stage with All or Nothing and showed off their dance skills.

Wonho delivered looks to please hard and soft stans alike in a photoshoot for MAPS.

WOODZ performed a special stage of Touché.

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