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VERIVERY‘s Get Away has already been watched more than 14.5 million times. Even if you’ve just watched it once, you definitely noticed that there’s a lot going on in this music video. Join me as I explore the story and how it relates to the song.

The Plot

Normally, with these posts, I start by explaining the meaning of the song, but I’m going to do something different because this video is sort of complicated. I feel like it’s best to know what you’re seeing before you get into the music itself.

At the beginning of the video, we see someone running away from an orb, someone being kidnapped and an orb flying into a tent where the members of VERIVERY are all assembled.

The orb comes inside, and it flies around. Then, VERIVERY discovers an invitation. The card is cordially inviting them to a dinner party. It says that each of them has part of the key to attend, and that only by coming together can they arrive at the event.

And so the boys literally huddle up. Next, we see a circle of forks representing them, and finally they wake up in beds in the same circle. We also get to see that they have disappeared into a hole in the ground and that their shoes are left behind. The video cuts to a room full of TV screens, showing that the boys are being observed by Hoyoung’s double.

The dinner party gets underway. The boys pass around a goblet, and they dive into the meal. The orb continues to circle. It seems like the more they eat, the hungrier they get. Each of them begins shoveling food into their mouths. They are ravenous. Colors begin to distort, adding to this sense that everything is getting out of control.

The boys are out of food, and they begin to turn on each other. At the last moment, Hoyoung’s double appears. He stops the scene and invites the boys to stop and look at themselves. Then the boys who arrived at the dinner party are shown in a circle with their doubles, the masterminds for this event, all pointing guns to their heads. An empty chair is there. I assume this is for Minchan who is on hiatus right now. With that interpretation, he was the one being kidnapped at the beginning.

So What Is Get Away by VERIVERY about, anyway?

The song describes being caught up in a destructive relationship with someone. It could be a romantic partner or a friend. Whoever it is, this person brings out the dark side of the singer, and they also bring out the bad side in the other person. They get lost in one another and go astray, doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. Then, the singer wakes up and fully realizes the harm they are causing. They want to stop, but it’s difficult to get away because they are attached to this other person.

Connecting the Story to the Song

Can you see the connection between the words and the video? VERIVERY invited themselves to a party. The boys are excited, expecting the time of their lives, so they go along with it. They go willingly into the trap that they set for themselves. Quickly, they get caught up, and their worst impulses come out. They begin acting in ways that they never thought they would. It was all a set up from the start. They have led themselves to their own destruction, and there is no way to escape.

This is a perfect reflection of the spirit of the song. You can interpret the lyrics as even being about your relationship with yourself, with how the bad you and the good you interact. Your bad impulses tempt you to do things. They feel good in the moment, but you regret them later. The problem is that once you begin doing the bad things, it’s difficult to stop.

Sinful Symbols

There are a number of images in this video that have symbolic meaning. There is the apple prominently shown and this weird moment where you see bread on the table holding jewels rather than your usual sandwich filler.

Apples are associated with the temptation of Eve and have long been considered symbols of sin. The diamond sandwich to me represents greed and a desire for material things.

Greed is one of the traditional seven deadly sins, and some of the others are found in the video as well. There’s gluttony in the way they eat the meal. Rage in the attacks. Lust in the way they look at one another at times. Sloth when they are laying on the floor. These symbols of sin are meant to show all of the things that people are capable of when they give into their worst selves.

The Cake

Right when things start to get bad, the boys destroy this cake. It says “tirez-moi de là” on it. That’s French for “get me out of here.” This cake seems like a warning or plea, but the boys ignore it. They just eat the cake without heeding its message, showing how despite what you know to be best, you can end up doing bad things.

The Staircase

At the end of the video we see this winding staircase. To me, it symbolizes a couple of things. First, the stairs are descending, and that represents how you continue to fall lower and lower, descending into evil once you get off the path of good. Literally, these stairs disappear into darkness, just as a person does when they continuously make the wrong choices.

Also the stairs seem to go on forever, reinforcing the message that there is no escape. If the boys managed to get away from their bad doubles, they probably wouldn’t get very far before they were caught again.

There you have it–my analysis of Get Away. What did you think of the video? Let me know in the comments.

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