kpop fav of the day: boy group vocalist #23, seunghun of cix

Every day until the end of March, we’ll highlight one of our favorite kpop boy group vocalists on a countdown to #1.

Sketching his way to the number 23rd spot issss..

Seunghun of CIX.

When we were first learning the members of CIX, Lucy and I referred Seunghun as “the sweet one.” One reason for that is that his smile can light up a room.

See what I mean?

But the other reason has to do with Seunghun’s voice. It’s the audio equivalent of ice cream on a hot day–refreshing, cool and sweet all at once. There’s a breathy kind of scratchy quality to it that sometimes makes him sound like Baekhyun of EXO but he has his own expressiveness. You can really hear his signature sound in his cover of Jungkook from BTSEuphoria.

In terms of vocal range, Seunghun is truly impressive. He doesn’t just hit those high notes. He owns them, maintaining a bright, full sound that never comes across as shrill or abrasive. A perfect example is his cover of Justin Beiber‘s Sorry.


Seunghun has a huge voice but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work with his hyungs. Take a listen to Stairway to Heaven to hear how beautifully he blends with the other members of CIX and how well it flows from Jinyoung‘s.

Because of all of that vocal power, Seunghun often gets big moments in songs, and its his performances that often make CIX’s tracks so memorable. One example is his verse and his turns with the chorus in Numb. And he can do soft and pretty as well as he can do bold and dramatic, as you can hear in Cinema.

For all that he is musically and for his sweet, sweet smile, Seunghun has won a place in our hearts and a spot on our list. Check out our YouTube playlist to hear all of the songs I mentioned and come back tomorrow to meet #22 on our list.

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  1. I just watched all of YG Treasure Box and fell in love with Seunghun! He is not only talented but also so sweet and down to earth and seems like someone I’d want to be friends with

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