kpop fav of the day: boy group vocalist #24, minhyun of nu’est

Every day until the end of March, we’ll highlight one of our favorite kpop boy group vocalists on a countdown to #1.

Adorably entering the countdown at number 24 issss…

Minhyun of Nu’est and Wanna One!

If I had to describe Minhyun’s voice in one word, I’d go with angelic. You can apply that adjective to many idol’s voices from time to time, but with Minhyun, it’s the perfect descriptor for every performance.

Just listen to his solo single Universe. Minhyun’s floaty high notes make the song so moving. It would easily be one of my picks for the top 25 or 30 most beautiful kpop solos of all time. And it’s not just the quality of his voice either. Minhyun also brings poignant emotion to every syllable to drive home the lyrics.

Even when the song he’s tackling isn’t particularly high throughout, his voice is so warm and inviting. You can hear what I mean in his 想見你想見你想見你 cover. And yeah, he brings the beauty in any language as evidenced by his short cover of Christina Perri‘s A Thousand Years.

You can’t really measure a boy group vocalist without considering how he fit into his group as a whole. With Minhyun, we actually know what Nu’est sounds like without his addition. During his time in Wanna One, the remaining members promoted as Nu’est W. I absolutely love the music they put out as a quartet but their sound is distinctly different.

Minhyun’s vocals just add a new dimension to the group. Take the first bridge to Segno. By switching between a powerful mid-range belt to airy head voice, Minhyun creates a gradual build-up that Baekho than furthers, taking us into that gorgeous chorus. You also get to hear how well he blends with other members in this song whether he’s singing alongside Ren or splitting lines with Aron.

Switch over to Moon Dance, and his voice provides a sweet, soft intro, setting the stage for Aron’s wonderful gravelly entrance. In the chorus, they reverse it with Aron’s unique textured vocals giving way to the breathier, lighter quality of Minhyun’s voice that really does make you think of holding someone special in your arms while you slow dance beneath a full moon.

Minhyun’s voice never fails to go right to our hearts whether he’s singing alone or with his group, and for that, he’s found a place on our countdown. Check out the songs I mentioned on our YouTube playlist and don’t forget to come back tomorrow to meet #23.

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