top 10 kpop music videos of february 2021

count down the best MVs of last month with us

There were SO. MANY. good music videos released this month, that creating this list was really, really hard. To make our decision, we considered how well the video fit the song and how interesting and engaging it was. We also considered things like cinematography and editing

10. Villain – Cheetah ft. Jamie

This video feels like a mini movie in places, telling a captivating story where I’d say Cheetah is more an anti-hero than a villain. Contrast between the dark reds of the singing sequences and the neutral palettes of the cinematic sequences make the visuals especially striking.

9. Sugar – Kim Wooseok

Thanks to Kim Wooseok’s voice, Sugar is a sweet treat for the ears. The video is similarly a feast for the eye with his cute visuals and the lovely palette dominated by pastels.

8. Don’t Call Me – SHINee

Although fun performance-style MVs like Dazzling Girl and Your Number are among the boys’ most iconic, SHINee has never shied away from symbolic offbeat videos as well. This one continues that trend and deserves a closer reading. You can check out my visual analysis of the video right here.

7. Can We Talk Again? – Purple Kiss

This MV from RBW’s pre-debut group is deceptively simple. The dramatic visuals stand out and catch your attention. Look closer, and you can see that tons of thought went into every detail. Check out my analysis to see what I mean..

6. Tail – Sunmi

Sunmi never fails to leave us shook with her MVs. Tail is particularly powerful. The dance sequences are sexy and well shot. And when you consider the video’s inspirations and details, it even puts a whole new spin on the meaning of the song. I explored that in depth in my closer reading piece last week.

5. Clicker – J.DON

Multiple versions of N.Flying’s J.DON meet up in this wonderfully fun music video that has had us reaching for our tv clicker to press the play button over and over since it came out.

4. Paranoia – Kang Daniel

It was almost impossible to rank the last four videos on this list because they were all fantastic. Paranoia‘s terrifying imagery have haunted us since we watched it. Overall, it’s easily his best-ever music video, and as I explained in my analysis, the imagery reinforces the meaning of his powerful, deeply personal lyrics.

3. Wings – PIXY

The spookiness continues with PIXY‘s debut music video. Expert editing allows for a seamless flow between scenes, taking you deeper and deeper into an ominous world. We can’t wait to see if PIXY continues with these sorts of themes or changes it up when they have their first comeback.

2. Excalibur – Kingdom

I’m not sure a debut music video has ever introduced a group as well as Excalibur has Kingdom. Absolutely masterful cinematography and highly-attentive-to-detail costuming make this video feel like one of those 6-hour long historical epic movies that win Oscars. When you know what the group’s concept is, the whole thing becomes even better. I suggest you read our Get to Know Kingdom article and then rewatch (or watch for the first time).

1. Cinema – CIX

Cinema is a pure visual delight. The palette stands out. The effects, editing and cinematography are flawless, and the subject matter fits with the words to the song. All of that on its own would make this a serious contender for best video of the month, but Cinema has a lot more subtext going on than you can pick up with a single, quick watch. It actually serves to frame CIX‘s entire discography up this point, and it does so with a really, really brilliant 14th-century literary reference. Read my analysis to learn more.

You can watch all the videos back to back on our YouTube playlist. Check them out and then drop a comment, letting us know what your favorite music video of the month was.

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