top 10 kpop songs of february 2021

check out our & your favorite songs released by kpop groups and solos in february 2021

our picks

10. Cheetah – Villain ft. Jamie

Flawlessly produced, this collaboration seamlessly blends Jamie‘s airy vocals with Cheetah‘s bold rap, creating a song about being the bad guy that is purely seductive.

9. CIX – Young

While Cinema is a gorgeous song, this B-side is CIX doing what they do best–expressive vocals and powerful rap.

8. Ravi – Tiger ft. Chillin Homie and Kid Milli

Combining hip hop with traditional folk music is a big risk, but Ravi and co’s new track is a total success, creating a striking juxtaposition of Korean music’s present and past.

#7. IM – God Damn It

A driving beat and muted vocals delivered at near monotone give this song the feel of being in a state of desire so powerful that it puts you in a trance.

#6. NCT127 – Gimme Gimme

Although in Japanese, this song simply can’t be left off a list of the month’s best. Its spooky undertones, precisely executed rap verses and dramatic vocals continue NCT127‘s tradition of putting out tracks that sound like nothing else out there.

#5. Chung Ha – Masquerade

While we love Bicycle, this track was our repeat-worthy pick from Querencia. The Latin-inspired music provides the perfect backdrop to highlight the beauty of Chung Ha‘s voice. Plus, it’s a total bop.

#4 Sumi – Tail

In this dead-sexy track, Sunmi has the space to play with her voice, drawing you in only to repel you a moment later. It sounds like the personality of a cat–able to go from a sweet purr to a fierce hiss with absolutely no warning.

#3 SHINee – Body Rhythm

Reggae beats combine with SHINee’s classic vocal stylings to create a song that sounds completely new but wonderfully familiar at the same time.

#2 Minit & AVOKID – Marionette

No one talked about this song this month, and that’s a crime. Minit‘s production and AVOKID‘s ethereal voice unite, creating a track that perfectly conveys the message of this song about breaking free of a love interest who wants to be a puppet master rather than a partner.

#1 Kang Daniel – Paranoia

Paranoia is what kpop is at its best–so catchy you can’t stop singing it but also capable of conveying an important message. Kang Daniel gives an incredible vocal performance, allowing the terrifying lyrics that describe his own struggles with mental illness to drill straight into your heart. He exorcises his personal demons through its 3+ minutes, and by the end, you feel changed by having heard his confessions.

your picks

Here are the results of the vote from our readers and social media followers:

10. Lose by Wonho

9. Can We Talk Again? by Purple Kiss

8. Too Good by Imlay ft Chenle


7. Cinema by CIX

6. Silent Boarding Gate by Jun

5. Gimme Gimme by NCT127

4. Tail by Sunmi

3. 1 in a Million by Mark Tuan x SANJOY

2. Bicycle by Chung Ha

1. Paranoia by Kang Daniel

There you have it, our top 10 songs of the month. You can check them all out on our YouTube playlist. Give it a listen and then drop a comment, telling us what your favorite song of the month was.

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