fav of the day: rapper #6, mamamoo’s moonbyul

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Lighting up my life at #6 is this lovable dork…

… Mamamoo’s Moonbyul.

So, I’m a little biased (ha) toward Moonbyul because she was the first female idol rapper I fell for. Mamamoo was the very first girl group I ever listened to and stanned period, actually.

Back when I discovered them, I was still exclusively listening to boy groups and was under the (false) impression that I wouldn’t dig what girl groups had to offer.

A friend of mine on Twitter sought to change my mind by recommending I listen to Mamamoo. Immediately, the voice that stood out to me was that of Moonbyul. I don’t know what it was I expected a female idol rapper to sound like, but it wasn’t her.

I’m not sure how to phrase this question, but have you ever seen someone’s picture or heard them laugh for the first time and felt like you were just exposed to their entire personality?

this dorky personality right here <3

That’s what happened with her, and that personality had me hooked right away.

One of the unique things about her is just that–she has a great voice that digs its hooks in. When I say “voice”, in this instance, I am referring to one’s “voice” in a literary sense, and a good voice is something I don’t hear a lot in idol rappers.

When Moonbyul gets going, not only can you hear that personality of hers straight away, but she captures your attention with her one of a kind, low tone, her at-times-emotional, at-times-animated delivery and the occasional bit of vocal fry that both seals her fate as a millennial layers onto her one of a kind texture.

The low octave is worth highlighting especially; my experience with female idol rappers (save for perhaps Dreamcatcher’s Dami) is that they all rap in this really high pitched, err, baby voice, for lack of a descriptor.

Moonbyul drops it down nice and low, and the result is something soothing and smooth, something that is so pleasant on the ears. That’s something that can be said of Mamamoo in general actually–all of their voices are not only distinct on their own, but also wildly different from many other girl groups’ vocals.

Moonbyul’s is just one aspect of the beautiful mix they create.

Truly, Moonbyul gave me an appreciation for the range that female idols have and subsequently helped me branch out my taste. Honestly, I just love her.

For all that she brings to Mamamoo (and for all that she has done to expand my kpop tastes), she makes it to the #6 spot on our list.

Below, I’ll put a few of my favorite tracks with Moonbyul in them. Check them out and then come back tomorrow to see who we’ve set at #5.

ab6ix astro ATEEZ baekhyun blackpink bts chung ha cix cravity dreamcatcher DRIPPIN exo gidle golden child got7 hoppipolla ikon itzy iu Kang Daniel mamamoo MCND mirae MONSTA x nct Oh My Girl Oneus ONF OnlyOneOf Pentagon PIXY Purple Kiss Red Velvet Seventeen SHINEE stray kids Super Junior T1419 TRI.BE Twice Up10TION Verivery Victon WEi WJSN

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  1. This is my comment for the BTS BE Essential Edition Giveaway!
    Moonbyul is my favorite because I just like how she is everything she does her singing is really good one of my ultimate bias ever.

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