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featuring kband boy teamups & onf hellos, daniel on my te & goodies made from dough

Guys, last week was such a good time to be a kpop multi. We got two great new group debuts, a surprise video from GOT7, fantastic comebacks from Kang Daniel and Chung Ha, a new Japanese mini album from NCT127, a solo debut from I.M. and the list goes on. I loved everything about what was new last week, but here are some extra special somethings that had me grinning this week.

Hyunsang & Young K

In the world of k-bands, Day6 is my ult and Hoppipolla is my wrecker. The idea of the members of these groups collaborating seems like something I would dream, but I got TWO instances of it in February. First, Hyunsang and Young K teamed up for an incredible cover of Never Not by Lauv. And THEN, Hyunsang released a demo of a song written by Young K. Be still my kband fan heart.

ONF’s My Name Is Video

Up until now, when someone said “my name is” I thought of this guy:

That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s not nearly as good as what the phrase conjures for me now: the adorable pre-release video from ONF. If you haven’t watched it yet, you have to, but be forewarned: it’s likely to start making a stan out of you.

Kang Daniel Peach T-Shirt

There are a lot of reasons to love Kang Daniel. One thing I find so charming about him was how he wholeheartedly embraced his resemblance to the Kakao character Apeach when fans pointed it out. Not only did he happily pose with plushes, but he even teamed up with Kakao to release a line of merchandise featuring Apeach and took to calling fans his peaches. I love this tee because it symbolizes all of that, and it costs less than $25 on Amazon.

Yoona’s Culinary Masterpieces

When I saw this video of Yoona from SNSD making these gorgeous sweet rice cakes last, I was blown away and motivated to spend way, way too much time scrolling her IG, looking at all of her baking masterpieces. I love when idols reveal their hidden talents to us, and wow, is Yoona talented. Just look at some of the things she’s made.

Well, now I need to go and have a snack. While I do that, drop me a comment and let me know what your favorite kpop thing is right now.

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