fav of the day: rapper #8, stray kids’ changbin

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Sitting at a smooooooth #8 is…

… Stray Kids’ Changbin.

I personally have a thing for weird voices. My biases in most groups tend to have some of the most interesting textures among them–NCT’s Haechan, EXO’s Xiumin, and Seventeen’s Hoshi to name a small fraction.

If you read my post on why Han Jisung is one of my favorite rappers, you saw me mention that it was his and Changbin’s voice that originally drew me to Stray Kids upon first hearing Voices.

The second song I heard by them was Awkward Silence, and as soon as Changbin hit us with that 까마귀 지나가 in the first line of the chorus, I was in love.

Come on. The way voice he used to yell about crows was weird. You know it’s weird. This is a good thing, because if I love nothing else, I love All Things Weird.

So, originally, it was the unique texture to his voice that drew me in, but the deeper I went into SKZ catalogue, that texture compounded upon his skill to really impress me.

He’s definitely got the speed, and even with that quality of his voice, he’s got the clarity. What’s cool about him is that he doesn’t need to bring out those big guns all the time to make him stand out. Instead, he’s really good at choosing where to put emphasis on what syllable/how he handles syncopation, and it makes his verses come to life.

I said this before about SKZ’s experimental sound but it bears repeating–if you’re gonna have weird voices in a decidedly (and lovingly) weird group, it takes plenty of balls, plenty of talent and plenty of production know-how.

Changbin’s definitely got all three covered.

For all of his beautiful weirdness, Changbin makes it onto our list of fav rappers.

I’ll drop a list of some of my fav Changbin verses in a playlist below for you to see what I mean. Check back tomorrow to see who we’ve picked for #9!

ab6ix astro ATEEZ baekhyun blackpink bts chung ha cix cravity dreamcatcher DRIPPIN exo gidle golden child got7 hoppipolla ikon itzy iu Kang Daniel mamamoo MCND mirae MONSTA x nct Oh My Girl Oneus ONF OnlyOneOf Pentagon PIXY Purple Kiss Red Velvet Seventeen SHINEE stray kids Super Junior T1419 TRI.BE Twice Up10TION Verivery Victon WEi WJSN

3 thoughts on “fav of the day: rapper #8, stray kids’ changbin

  1. This is my comment for the BTS BE Essential Edition giveaway!
    Changbin is my favorite rapper in this series so far! He’s one of my SKZ biases, and I just love everything he does. He’s got the dark aura onstage, and WHEN DOES HE BREATHE?? But he’s also totally adorable, and his singing voice is beautiful too. He can do anything.

  2. This is my comment for the BTS BE Essential Edition Giveaway!
    Changbin is my favorite rapper because I just love everything he does. He can be soo hot but yet so adorable and his singing voice is exceptional.

  3. Changbin is my fav of the list cause like you said, I enjoy weird and unique voices.

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