kpop in pictures: idols & their pets

in honor of love your pet day in the U.S., meet the unconventional pets of these kpop idols

Lots of idols have cats and dogs as pets, but kpop pets don’t stop there. Just look at:

Rosé of BLACKPINK & her fish

Rosé’s beautiful orange fish Joohwangie lives with her family but he’s never far from her heart. She once cried because she thought he was sick.

Yesung of Super Junior & his turtles

Yesung has a real love of turtles and has had several as pets. When one named Ddangkkoma grew too big for him to care for, he donated him COEX Aquarium in Seoul, but he still went to visit him often.

Yeojin of LOONA & her snails

Yeojin had a pet snail named Marimo. When he sadly passed away, she expressed her grief about his passing to fans.

Jin of BTS and his sugar gliders

Jin received his first two sugar gliders, Odeng and Eomuk, from his parents. Sadly, Eomuk died in 2018, and he got a new glider named Gukmul. Odeng then passed away in 2019. His song This Night was written as a tribute to Odeng after.

Mir of MBLAQ & his snake

Mir apparently has more than one snake, but this particular beauty has terrified a number of people, including a variety show host. Personally, I think he’s cute!

Beomgyu of TxT & his parrot

Beomgyu loves his frosted Amazon parrot Toto. Given that these birds can live up to 80 years, he’s sure to be his bestie for a long, long time.

Chanyeol of EXO & his ferret

Bless whoever found these photos of a teenie pre-debut Chanyeol and his pet ferret.

Renjun & Jeno of NCT’s & their rabbit

Jeno and Renjun both take care of this adorable ball of fluff named Noren.

Ryu Sera of 9MUSES & her chameleon

Ryu Sera once had an adorable pet chameleon named Mingyu

Hyeyeon of Bestie & beetles

I had no idea that beetles could be that big, but they can and Hyeyeon once kept them as pets.

Wooyoung of 2PM & his chick

Back in the day, Wooyoung kept this sweet little peep as a pet.

That concludes our kpop pets menagerie. Did we miss an idol with an unusual feathered, furry or scaly friend? If so, tell us in the comments!

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