fav of the day: rapper #9, seventeen’s vernon

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Bringing us into the single digits is…


Sorry. I meant [Mansae voice] VERNONNNNN.

Anyway, VERNONNNNN was the first to catch my eye when I first got into Seventeen. I mean this lovingly, but BG and I called him Sean–yes, as in Sean Cameron from Degrassi: TNG, because look at him) because I couldn’t remember his name at first and I wanted to constantly refer to him.

That’s because he’s got a million dollar smile…

… is an exceptional dancer …

(Look, when it comes to Vernon, IYKYK, so I don’t need to prove it to you and I understand that gif isn’t the best example of his dancing but… look at him…pls…)

… and he has a one of a kind voice that stands out among the other rappers in SVT.

While Wonwoo and Coups tend to have deeper, raspier, heavier voices, and Mingyu (when he actually gets lines ahem PLEDIS) tends to do more of a sing-song style rap, Vernon has a clear, articulate voice with plenty of charisma.

One of my favorite things about him is his speaking voice doesn’t change when he raps. I don’t mean that it sounds boring as if he is just talking to you–what I mean is that his speaking voice is a similar quality to the one he uses to rap which makes it feel more personable and familiar.

He’s got a more Western sound compared to the other three members of SVT’s rap line. It contrasts nicely with the styles of the other three and makes him stand out in all Seventeen songs.

Usually when I say someone’s voice sounds typical of Western pop I’m not always giving compliments; sometimes what I really mean is that it’s boring (sorry) but I mean the exact opposite when I say that about Hansol. I think it takes a certain kind of something to keep it interesting like that, and he’s got it.

For all Vernon brings to SEVENTEEN, he makes it on our list of fav Korean rappers this month. I’ll put five of my fav Vernon verses below. Check them out and come back tomorrow to see who landed at #8!

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  1. Vernon is so talented! And also a great person in general, with a free spirit and open mind. 💖

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