kpop, a playlist: 12 sexy dances

your eyes are sure to widen as you watch these kpop dances

1. Woong (AB6IX) – Moondance

Woong – Moodance

Never have I ever been so jealous of the floor.

2. Chung Ha – Bicycle

Chung Ha – Bicycle

Chung Ha‘s videos never fail to bring the sexy, but her latest dance takes things to a new level.



Rookie girl group QODES just debuted but they’re not afraid to get sexy right out of the gate. I love them so much because they’ve been fearlessly speaking out for LGBTQ+ equality right out of the gate.

4. History – Might Just Die

History – Might Just Die

If you think kpop boy group dances only got sexy in the last couple of years, watch this 2015 dance and revise your position.

5. EXO – The Eve

EXO – The Eve

Here I am just writing an article and Kai and Sehun are trying to kill me with those body rolls.

6. (G)I-DLE – Oh My God

(G)I-DLE – Oh My God

Never has there been a more appropriately named song.

7. SEVENTEEN – Fast Pace


This one isn’t as in-your-face as the others, but the boys smolder throughout, proving sexy choreography isn’t all about the pelvis.

8. Hui (Pentagon) & Somin (KARD) – Swim Good

Hui & Somin – Swim Good

You guys, I don’t think this song is really about swimming…

9. BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears

BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears

You knew it would be on here, right? You were expecting it, surely. Like I couldn’t not put it on here.

10. Miss A – Hush

Miss A – Hush

Aaaand the award for sexiest use of pops in a kpop dance goes toooooo Miss A! *wild applause*

11. Taemin – Criminal

Taemin – Criminal

Taemin is the king of kpop duality–so often ethereal or sweet in SHINee, nearly always holy shit solo.

12. What You Wanted – CIX

CIX – What You Wanted

If sweet and soft Cinema was your first taste of CIX, there’s a whole other side you’re missing.

That’s it! You can see all of the videos here on our playlist. Then, give your heart a rest, process what you just watched and then drop us a comment letting us known which dance is your favorite.

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9 thoughts on “kpop, a playlist: 12 sexy dances

  1. I will always love Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS. It’s iconic! But I have to say, Exo’s The Eve is pretty hot 🤭

  2. my favorite out of these would have to be Blood Sweat and Tears!! a close second is What You Wanted by CIX

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