kpop in pictures: 5 views of space

where do lucy, exo, wonder girls, stray kids and wayv fit into sci-fi universes?

You may (or may not) be shocked to learn that in addition to being too into kpop, I am a huge nerd in general. I have a wide range of very nerdy interests, and sci-fi is high on the list. So naturally when Lucy released a space-themed music video this week, I was super excited. After watching the video, I couldn’t help but think of other MVs that took idols out of Earth’s orbit. Travel through time and space with me as I look at some of my favorite examples.

Hero – Lucy

Quick Stats

  • Release date: February 16, 2021
  • Number of YouTube views: +104,000
  • Sci-fi vibes: Classic Star Trek

In the Lucy music video, we see that being a space hero doesn’t always mean fending off an alien invasion. Sometimes, it’s as simple as rescuing a flower from a frozen wasteland of a planet.

The story of the video reminds me of a mission that you’d see on the original Star Trek. Starfleet would send Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise down to an unknown planet to retrieve the specimen. Of course, in the Star Trek version, they’d be attacked by something, red shirts would die and Scotty would beam everyone up at the end.

Lucy’s spaceship also reminds me of the bridge of the original Enterprise with its retro futuristic wall panels and its clicky buttons. All of this makes me wonder what Spock might have done with a violin.

Power – EXO

Quick Stats

  • Release date: September 5, 2017
  • Number of YouTube views: +88 million
  • Sci-fi vibes: Mystery Science Theater 3000 meets vintage Doctor Who (with a touch of Scooby Doo).

Space is a wild place in the EXOPlanet universe. There are alien cyborgs that have magic glowing orbs to battle. A cat can help turn the tide of the fight. And plugs are really, really big.

EXO has a lot of space-themed videos given their original concept but the absurdity of this one (and how great the boys look) makes it my favorite. The design of the cyborgs reminds me of Crow and Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000. The low budget set and the effects are total vintage Dr. Who.

As if that wasn’t enough to make me love this video, Suho loses his glasses and fumbles around alla Velma from Scooby-Doo. *chef’s kiss*

Like Money – Wonder Girls

Quick Stats

  • Release date: July 9, 2012
  • Number of YouTube views: +14 million
  • Sci-fi vibes: TRON meets the Aliens franchise

I’m not really sure what the story of this video is, but I -think- AKON paid JY Park to manufacture the Wonder Girl human cyborgs to dominate space by dancing and singing in English. Or…something. Whatever is going on in the story, their sleek space suits and super-fast space car remind me of TRON.

The creepy dark planet and slick interior that serves at the setting seems straight of the Aliens movies, and in Alien Resurrection, Ripley was a bad ass robot biatch just like our girls.

Moonwalk – WayV

Quick Stats

  • Release date: October 29, 2019
  • Number of YouTube views: +15 million
  • Sci-fi vibes: The Expanse

With a song like Moonwalk, you gotta have a space-themed video, right? WayV gave us a great one in terms of set design and visuals. And it proves once and for all that Ten is a god among men–who else could dance like that in zero gravity?

The design of the ship in the video instantly made me think of The Expanse universe. There’s also something similar about the look of the elevator Kun rides in and many of the sets in the show. Plus, that dessert setting for the dance sequences could easily pass for the show’s version of Mars.

SIDE NOTE: If you haven’t checked out the SyFy/Amazon series the Expanse yet and you like space, put it on your watch list. It’s my favorite sci-fi tv show of all time.

Top – Stray Kids

Quick Stats

  • Release date: May 26, 2020
  • Number of YouTube views: +8 million views
  • Sci-fi vibes: Event Horizon


Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but the space scenes in this MV are creepy to me. We don’t know what the boys are running from but I don’t want it to catch them. And that part when the glass beside Minho slowly cracks. Eeek.

Seriously, someone who makes edits ought to put this video to some spooky music. It might end up being as terrifying as the 1997 sci-fi horror movie Event Horizon. I couldn’t help but think about it when I was watching the video. Not only does it have the action and the overall unsettling mood, but some of the architectural elements of the Stray Kids’ space vessel reminds me of the Lewis & Clark.

There you have it–five videos, five views of space. And before you leave me a comment, yes, I am aware TOP is in Japanese and Moonwalk is in Mandarin. What I would love to hear is which space video you like best.

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9 thoughts on “kpop in pictures: 5 views of space

  1. I love this list so much! I love it when kpop idols and groups go for the whole space kinda vibe! Power by EXO was actually one of the first kpop videos I watched (and probably the one that got me into the group lol) and Moonwalk by WayV is just one of those songs that I can’t stop listening to and the music video is just so well put together! Stray Kids is my ult group, and I love the theme they went with for the music video! And it’s nice to see another fan of Lucy, I’ve recently started getting into them and it’s been one of the best decisions of my life lol. All in all, every music video on this list is soooooo amazing!!!

  2. I really enjoy the space concept in kpop music, I was introduced to it through stray kids and I’ve enjoyed it in other groups as well as I venture deeper into kpop. I loved reading this article as well, seeing all the different points made for the music videos featured makes me more interested in watching the ones I haven’t, and even the ones I haven’t watched in a while-looking at you Stray Kids Top. A very informative article, you should do more centered around different concepts kpop groups do!

  3. I Love the list! I will also check out some artist that I didn’t recognize. I honestly feel like all SM artist are somehow connected to the si-fi theme since it’s called Star Music/ Entertainment.

  4. This was so interesting to read and a concept I feel like I glaze over way too often!! This also made me think of ONF and how a lot of their videos have a futuristic scifi concept and storyline. So good!

  5. I love all of these song and mvs and never thought that they actually have something in common: space concept! This concept is so cool, there are a lot of things that can be done with it, so I hope to see more of kpop mvs with space concept🌠

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