fav of the day: rapper #11, nct’s taeyong

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Flying into his spot at #11 is…

NCT’s Lee Taeyong.

Taeyong is an absolute delight to listen to. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

But for the sake of this article, I’ll continue.

I think a lot of the time when people think about rappers, they decide on their talent and skill based only off of just how fast they are. While it’s a subjective topic–what makes a rapper good–I personally think it’s a bit of a matrix with many, many different points to be considered. What makes one rapper good may not be the same reason another one is.

Important qualifiers for “good” to me and others is both flow and delivery, and Taeyong excels there.

NCT is another group that has an experimental sound which requires a careful balance of rap lest it devolve into a production/mixing nightmare trying to create something that isn’t abrasive on the ears.

Mark Lee’s style, for instance, shows the kind of smoothness and familiarity that a group like this asks for. His style is one that has greater vocal clarity and a decidedly Western sound which is neutral enough to work well with such experimental music.

What Taeyong does can be a lot harder to accomplish, and it requires a different kind of skill on its own.

He’s got a voice that is every bit as weird and different as the music NCT makes, and his admittedly strange pronunciation (I mean this is a compliment, seriously), his tone and the way he hops all over a beat has the potential for disaster but instead, it helps make NCT what it is.

None of that is even taking into account the weird ass noises dude makes, like the one in Limitless. You know the one. Now of course, course, that’s not to say he lacks any technical skill–he’s got quite a nimble tongue, too, as you’ll hear, which he shows us around the 1:50 minute mark in Chain, for instance, and he’s always on-beat.

He’s able to do what could be potentially disasterous for anyone else with an eccentric style like Taeyong has. For this and for everything else he brings to NCT and SuperM, Taeyong makes it onto our list of fav rappers.

Check out a list of some of my fav Taeyong verses below and come back tomorrow for #10.

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4 thoughts on “fav of the day: rapper #11, nct’s taeyong

  1. This is my comment for the BTS BE Essential Edition Giveaway!
    Omg I love him. Taeyong is my ultimate bias would never change him, I just love how he sings.

  2. (comment for SHINee giveaway)

    I just really like Taeyong’s voice! Usually I’m not into groups that have a heavy rap emphasis because I think a lot of the time the rappers sound mean or too loud to my ear. Somehow Taeyong manages to be really intense without ever crossing over into mean territory, which is why I like him the best!

  3. he’s my comfort idol, it’s always an aggressive or calming rap style and i love them both.

    (shinee giveaway comment)

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