kpop, a playlist: Monsta X Multilingual Masters

check out our favorite Monsta x songs in languages other than Korean

In the last few years, kpop has broken out of Korea and become a true global phenomenon, and Monsta X deserves credit for helping to bring it to the west. Their English album, All About Luv, sold more than 50,000 copies in the United States, and their singles consistently climb high in international charts all around the world.

Part of their success abroad is owed to just how good their non-English songs are. Here are some examples that prove these guys are multilingual masters.

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1. Who Do U Love? ft. French Montana

Any time I hear that a kpop group is going to collaborate with a western artist, my eyes dart. I’ve just been burned too many times by songs that would have been *Gordon Ramsay chef’s kiss* perfect if the western artists weren’t included.

Who Do U Love is the rare kpop collab where the addition enhances the song. Monsta X still has a chance to shine, and it keeps true to their unique sound while still incorporating French Montana’s rap.

Seriously, every kpop producer should be required to listen before attempting their own east-meets-west songs.

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2. Someone’s Someone

This soft, dreamy track perfectly captures that universal sense of longing that we all experience during lonely times. And the transition from the snaps in the chorus to the verse is chill-inducing.

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3. Middle of the Night

Imagine having this song addressed to you and being like, “No, Monsta X, I’ll pass on the rest of your life, I’m good with the guy I met on the bus last week who had a mustard stain on his shirt.” The production, rap and vocals of this track combine to make this a love song that manages to be incredibly sweet and oh-so sexy at the same time.

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4. Magnetic with Sebastian Yatra

This song’s name is 100% appropriate, even when you don’t consider the lyrics. Mixing all that is amazing about Monsta X with Sebastian Yatra’s gorgeous voice and a Latin rhythm creates a chill, effortlessly cool song that I can’t help being drawn to like metal to a magnet.

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5. Swish

This song from the Japanese album Phenomenon doesn’t get enough love. I can’t get enough of the spooky chorus, and the lyrics are soooo clever.

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6. Play It Cool

Steve Aoki consistently produces excellent kpop songs, but Play It Cool is one of the best of the best. It makes me want to get up and dance, but I won’t because nobody wants to see that. And on a side note – there’s a little line of French, neatly tying into our multilingual theme.

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7. Got My Number

There’s something so inviting about this song. It’s uplifting without being high energy, the perfect track to put on when I need a major mood shift. And again–imagine not taking these boys up on their invitation to call them up.

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8. Love U

Do you know what they mean, though? Yeaaaah, you do.

Obviously, the word they want to say is said on the radio plenty. The fact that they never come out with it makes the track so flirty, and the beat adds to the effect perfectly.

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9. Wanted

AHHHH this song is too good. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve listened since it came out. If someone asked me to send them a track that showed off what every member brings to Monsta X, this would be a serious contender.

There you have it–our favorite non-Korean Monsta X songs. When we were creating our list, we got some suggestions from the members of the I’m Too Old to Be This Into Kpop Facebook group, and I want to thank them for weighing in. Also side note: if you’re over 18 and want a place to chat with other adults about kpop, please join us.

You can stream our entire playlist on Spotify. Give it a listen and let me know in the comments which non-English Monsta X song is your favorite.

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