fav of the day: rapper #14, CIX’s BX

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Crashing down into the #14 spot is…

… CIX’s BX.

CIX was one of those groups that BG and I discovered and stanned relatively early into their still-young career but that we still felt like we wasted precious time not obsessing over.

Those visuals. Those vocals. That choreo. That rap. Hot damn. They are, like, concentrated talent, and they are criminally underrated.

CIX operates as a flawless unit of tight-knit talent and watching their performances is such a dynamic experience.

From Jinyoung’s shoulders (please don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. Don’t make this weird) to Seunghun’s sweet voice and everything in between, they really came through as one of the most unique, talented, underrated groups of their time.

And Lee Byounggon, known better by his stage name, BX, is a big part of the reason for me.

CIX puts out track after dramatic track and while they are all groovy and intense in their own ways, even their darker tunes like Jungle and What You Wanted still have a certain sweetness due to their vocals.

BX stands out hard against that. He’s got a deep, gravelly voice with plenty of power behind it whether he’s drilling down on the beat with his hard-hitting verses or treating us to his softer side by contributing vocals on songs like Revival and Cinema.

As is typical for idol rappers, he gets a solitary verse in most of their tracks, but his voice is instrumental to their sound and therefore so are his verses.

I always look forward to him stepping in whenever I listen to a new CIX track–meaning I will sometimes literally sit and go “okay but when’s BX gonna show upppp…” and I’m not sorry for it.

Somewhat related, I think in idol groups, when you’re depending on at least four to upwards of a dozen (or two, NCT…) members, having lines split in a way that makes each member’s role a memorable one is important.

BX’s is certainly that.

he is also this

You know when you’re on a roller coaster and you’re cresting the hills so gravity can continue to propel your traincar forward to the station?

That’s what BX reminds me of in CIX songs.

His verses always seem to come right at the point the songs are at peak momentum, and he slams his foot down and adds even more oomph that helps keep the song rolling to a powerful conclusion.

For all that he brings to CIX (and for being my bias, oops), BX has made it onto our list of best rappers this month.

Check out this playlist of some of my fav BX verses and come back tomorrow to see who’s grabbing #13.

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