a kpop timeline: kang daniel in video

get set for his comeback with a trip through his MV history

  • August 2017 – Energetic

    Wanna One – Energetic

    In which Daniel makes his debut at the center of Wanna One, and the boys get up to some energetic fun.

  • August 2017 – Burn It Up

    Wanna One – Burn It Up

    In which Daniel is revealed to both secretly be a horse animagus and look pretty incredible when wet

  • November 2017 – Beautiful

    Wanna One – Beautiful

    In which Daniel threatens my life with a turtleneck. Seriously, how does he look like that?

  • March 2018 – I.P.U.

    Wanna One – I.P.U.

    In which Daniel wraps some gifts

  • March 2018 – Boomerang

    Wanna One – Boomerang

    In which Daniel proves he is a super human by catching an arrow

  • June – 2018 Light

    Wanna One – Light

    In which Daniel appears among the clouds like the angel he is

  • November 2018 – Spring Breeze

    Wanna One – Spring Breeze

    In which Daniel easily beats Seongwu at arm wrestling

  • July 2019 – What Are You Up To?

    Kang Daniel – What Are You Up To?

    In which Daniel makes his colorful solo MV debut

  • November 2019 – Touchin

    Kang Daniel – Touchin

    In which Daniel watches himself take on the underworld

  • March 2020 – 2U

    Kang Daniel – 2U

    In which Daniel takes over the movie theater

  • April 2020 – Refresh

    Kang Daniel & Zico – Refresh

    In which Daniel teams up with Zico to peddle Pepsi

  • July 2020 – Waves

    Kang Daniel, Jamie & Simon Dominic – Waves

    In which Daniel looks deadly

  • August 2020 – Who U Are

    Kang Daniel – Who U Are

    In which there is fire, sand and peak Kang Daniel

  • August 2020 – Movie

    Kang Daniel & DVWN – Movie

    In which Daniel and DVWN interact with a delivery person and end up catching a flick

You can check them all out right here on our YourTube playlist. Drop me a commend and let me know which one is your favorite.

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8 thoughts on “a kpop timeline: kang daniel in video

  1. I love Who U Are it’s such a good song and video and it’s what I first think of when I think Kang Daniel solo music

  2. One of my favorite Kang Daniel videos would have to be March 2018 – I.P.U. with Wannaone. It is one my favorite songs by them and the videos is just so visually beautiful.

  3. Wave is my favorite video, its just so good, also I LOVE paranoia that its not in this post hahaha

  4. I love Who U Are because it’s one of his first songs I listened to and the MV is beautiful.

  5. My favorite was Waves! It sounded so fresh and I am in love with all of their vocals and rapping!!!

  6. My favorite video of Kang Daniel is Movie because there are so many cameo roles of other korean artist. This means that Kang Daniel is a very friendly man and i love him for it <3.

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