fav of the day: rapper #15, AB6IX’s park woojin

Every day until the end of February, we’ll highlight one of our favorite Korean rappers on a countdown to #1.

Settling his way comfortably into the #15 spot is…

… this entire ass man, ugh.

Sorry, I mean Park Woojin from AB6IX and Wanna One.

So I’m worried that this post is just gonna leave me at the risk of sounding like “ooo aaaa look at him doing the bare minimum and knowing all his choreo aaaa look at him literally just remembering his lines he’s perfect” but I just really… really love to listen to (and gawk at…) Park Woojin.

I invite you to join me in gawking…

I feel like Woojin is to idol rap what Interpol and She Wants Revenge are to alt music: you either totally love and appreciate that super deep, monotone voice thing or you don’t.

Like, you can appreciate what that kind of tone and style does for the sound of the music it uplifts around it or you look over it entirely.

If you’re one of the latter types, then I’m sorry to hear that. My condolences for your bad taste. I hope you recover quickly.

Woojin’s voice is like a bass drum in that its deep, powerful, kicks you in the face, like so…

gif is kinda a dream come true, ngl…

…and doesn’t let up.

It’s super fun, though, because even though he raps with such a monotone, it somehow is not uninterestingly… monotonous. He’s got a lot of flair he drips onto his lines and he’s quite percussive and explosive with his delivery.

Some of my favorite lines to sing along with in kpop belong to Woojin. Like… probably 80 percent of them. He’s so fun. I just love listening to the guy, full stop.

For that unique, Grown Ass Man look (sorry, last time…) and mature sound that Woojin brings to AB6IX and therefore kpop idol rap as a whole, he sits in the center of our list of fav rappers this month.

Check out this list (that was really hard to narrow down) featuring my fav Woojin verses. Remember to check back tomorrow for #14.

Oh, and stop fucking sleeping on AB6IX. 💙

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